Great Change is imposed over Twin Flame relationships

Great change in twin flames

If a situation has not grown and developed sufficiently for a long time, it is essential that it changes. This fundemental rule of change also came to the twin flame relationships. 

The face of the divine feminine, who has long suffered, will now smile. But the universe sometimes says “no, wait and wait quietly and we know better then you do. This is true for the twin-flame relationships where you have been the chaser in the past, but nevertheless you cannot come to a conclusion or union. 

No, that's enough, there's no point in putting more and more efforts in it, it won't happen.

It won't happen because someone who understands you better and who is also more sensitive will enter your life. It will not happen because two people; one who have passed the exam and the one who have failed cannot study in the same class. No, it will not happen because your soul contract hasn't been treated nor followed well. It won't because it's better not so. You will be more happy, peaceful, calm and sensitive with this new person. You'll be a better person too and you don't have to be in defense mode all the time.

If we put it on short items, we could say if you....

Haven't had a twin flame reunion for 5+ to 8+ years

Your twin Violated the Spirit Contract

Your twin flame connection was Unfaithful and mixed with other energies

You have been prevented from achieving your material and spiritual purpose

If so....

You will be sent someone else, who will be your true twin from your monad structure or from a monad different than yours but has the same frequency.

I think it is no coincidence that this new change comes with autumn. Don't rush about it, start something, but wait. Don't forget to flow with your heart, not your fears.

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