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8 thoughts on “COMMUNITY

  1. Ever since you made my constellation, I feel as though I should visualize and feel what physical Union looks and feels like. I feel closer. And open for the flow of receiving from him. He knows when to make his move and I should be open and in my joy loving my life while he waits. What else can I do or not do now? xo


    • The magic of union resides within. If you balanced your feminen and masculine sides like when to reach out and when you wait to be served by yhe universe is an important key to union… The best thing would be Let go of the waiting energy or Let go of the thought of the union is an object… or something to have or know what l mean. Feminen meditations on the website works wonders to attract and magnetize your masculine. And dont forget that he is your feminen too….

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    • Hello
      It made me feel free to think that no matter how high we rise, no matter what attributes we have, we will never reach the glory of God. Is it correct to say that all definitions of ascension are nothing compared to the glory of god? Is it right to think like that even for Archangels and Elohims?


      • Very True indeed. Getting rid of the duality is the KEY… There are 3 Levels of twin flames according to the tree of life, one is physical, one in astral, and one in celestial. Although the celestial ones are closer to the god as a vibration, this does not mean we could not activate our celestial body and reach their consciousness. We are the ones carrying the essence, they are just a copy:) of god

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  2. Hello again :))
    Can we do it in Gaia while we call on the angels and ascended masterd to work with the flames of the rays?
    For example, when we ask Raphael to light up our four low bodies, can we ask for gaia? If that’s true, should we just ask for Gaia? (including ,animals, plants, crystals, minerals) So for the people of the world, is it an interference in their free will?
    Is it appropriate to do it on a daily basis regardless of the agenda?
    Is there the time limit for daily use of flames ?
    If that’s true, can we think we’re contributing to the world? Remembering that help doesn’t come from us.
    Thank you :))


  3. Hi, Anything you do as you say “WE CALL or I CALL” you may not know what is coming. Usually, demons come from 4,5 dimensions, so it’s your choice… Maybe you should ask this someone who works with flames, angels, Gaia… I don’t actually. I only work with myself and my self-awareness.

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  4. Ysedterday 8/13/21 was kin 242 on the tzolkin Mayan calendar. That is my galactic birthday and also all the powerful 13 Friday energy. I feel more beautiful than I ever have this lifetime. Blessings Mira and El and all twin flames 💝💛


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