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Do you wanna know where your twin flame journey is headed. Are you ready to know your divine truth and your real soul journey. Book this reading to find out. This reading is excluded from any membership of goodsoul so you need to book it from here to reach it.


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Clear your Monad

If you are a twin flame, you are responsible for clearing all your descended soul family. Until then you can not be in union with yourself. Clearing all your fears, negative thoughts, and darkness is your number one awareness.

Goodsoul helps your with this process by engaging our new MONAD CLEARING constellation. This constellation can be opened only ONCE. Please contact us at before booking it.


Clear your Monad by booking this exquisite reading… If you think your soul family needs your support for their ascension path, this reading is just for you. Make sure to make a list of all your fears and negative thoughts before contacting us.


The Magical Touch Reading for Twin Flames

This reading is for Twin Flames who are in the TWIN FLAME process for a long time and haven’t been able to get united yet. Upon your Twin Flame candidates, we first check your true twin… If you haven’t met him yet… no problem, we do the magic touch reading on an energetic level, so you can be magnetic!!!

%100 Money back guarantee if you do not get any sort of physical union with your twin flame in 2020. Please ask for a refund before the year-end.

The Magical Touch Reading for Twin Flames

This reading will get you through the blockages and unite you with your twin flame on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual. %100 money-back guarantee... Please ask for a refund before the year-end if you did not meet your TRUE TWİN in 2020 after this reading.




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Christmas Eve Reading on the 24th of December

Reading will actually take place on the Christmas Eve and will be recorded and send to you by we transfer the same day. ENJOY the ENERGIES OF CHRISTMAS and HAPPY UNIONS!!!


When did you discover your gifts?

I was 12 when I first discovered that I am different than other people, my senses were highly developed, I was researching about mystic cultures and ancient history in my free times and write about them as well. I was never my age…We had a family trip to an ancient city in our country and I collected stones there thinking that they were there for the whole timeframe and holding the energy of the past and has powers. When I went home, at night I opened my first constellation with those stones when I was 12…

How did you know how to use your gifts?

I am a self-trained person and that is what l teach to other people. I always felt like I know more about the universe then someone else can tell. Methods and techniques that are already in place  were so old, so limited and so ancient that my universal point of view did not resonate with that at all. I used the sacred influence of time and patience while waiting for blossom. I used all the techniques that l learned for deep healing and did not share them with anyone until now. I am not still sure even now the society is ready…

Who or where do you get your information/inspiration from?

I do not have sprit guides and beings or anybody that I follow, in my teaching I learned that I am the being, I am the spirit, I am the power of creation, I am not a messenger but I am the message itself to all humanity…so this gives an immense freedom and independence that I like a lot. I recommend the same to others, do not follow or believe in any teaching, you are the book, you are the master, you are the universe. So if you follow me to follow yourself it is fine, if not just don’t waste your time.

What do the stones do?

Stones particularly do not have any effect other than their natural well-known healing abilities unless activated with my energy and after this activation, they become eminent and a medium for transferring the energy…

How does that affect the person or issues you are working with?

Other than reading through them and exposing the energy of the current situation of inquiry will start a healing process within the reader and the people involved in the reading. The requester will have an effect of the reading in that second when the energy is transferred… then the healing starts immediately and the duration of the completion of that healing is up to your body’s healing ability and your soul path.

What influences do the stones have?  In other words why use stones instead of something else?

I remember reading for my rowing team friends through a toothpick after dinner. It is possible but the element wood cannot hold high-frequency energy. In this technique, I am loading the energy of a specific person, situation or element to the stones and read from it. This could be anything or any material but stones hold the energy in a form and potency that is the best for this kind of healing. And also every stone has a different frequency and different composition of elements and minerals. I use this aspect for the advantage of the enquirer as well. I feel comfortable with stone reading.

What do the constellations represent?

The constellation represents the subtle patterns of the universe that are hidden. These kinds of patterns are considered the sacred geometry you can see it in flowers or in DNA molecules. The constellation is formed by the energy flow pattern of the occasion in question. For example, for the family constellation, the members of the same family are rowed one after the other in a straight line.

How are the constellations able to affect a person or the issue that you are working with?

It opens up the door to the universe and cosmic healing starts that is always there. I just remove the obsticles between you and the cosmic healing itself. The stuck energies are removed literally from the situation or any implants are removed and energetic DNA starts to heal. There is an incredible amount of healing happening in the morphogenetic field of that person and healing is constant and has a consciousness like the patterns of the universe. I now see people working with developing robots are into this subject of evolution, probability and consciousness, well they are so much behind my knowledge.

What can a person expect from these constellations and working with the stones?

  • They can expect to gain a deeper knowledge of the situation.
  • They can learn the consequences of certain decisions that they have made or will make in the future.
  • How does the current energy evolve if it follows through a specific pattern and where will it end up.
  • What could be the outcome of some events if the current energy is preserved as it is without any penetration
  • If the healing pattern and constellation have reached its aim then another constellation can be thrown or opened.

How long will it be before I experience the results of these constellations?

The effect is immediate and the healing is instant, but your body will adjust accordingly so hard to say. I do not remember repeating the healing or execution within a constellation so there is no second time in this kind of healing, instant and once and without any pain that is why it could be overlooked by many.


Overall though the subtle energies create long-lasting change and often are not a quick fix!





Being in love

When it comes to twin flame journey being in love has lots of other meanings that we have never thought of before. Being in love means living with your twin 7/24 although you are physically apart, being in love means clearing your shadow self, being in love means loving yourself no matter the course, being in love means knowing, trusting and believing that your union exists all the time all the way no matter what. Being in love means knowing that your twin is on the earth plane looking for you.

Being in love means I am here, I am you, I am one, I am and I love

If you are in a twin flame journey it’s hard to walk the way alone by yourself, we know it because we have been there, so let us walk together with you… No matter what the trial is. Do not ever forget that even if we are not in contact with you, we are here to support all the twin flames on the planet earth and proceed with them to their union.