We are Blessed with LOVE

We are going through hard times both mentally, physically and financially. In these hard times we must not forget that we are part of the same soul, and we shall contribute evenly to its resources.

Your energy maybe deemed or you feel subdued however the inner light you carry will give you the strength you always needed. The very important thing is to look within, to be able to find it.

2021 was a year of changes and these changes will be settled in 2022. Nevertheless we are blessed with such a LOVE that you can feel it every moment, in every breath, in everything surrounding you.

There is no need to dwell into a negative mind set or treats that makes things even worse. We are all here to contribute to our community in any way we can. There is not right or wrong way but there are more healthy ways to deal with inner conflicts.

If you are going through hard times, Goodsoul is always with you but if you need proper medical care or having thoughts of hurting yourself or other people please seek a doctor nearest to your location.

I am so happy for you guys

l am so happy for my Beloved Clients whom have reach a union stage with their loved ones. Some of you have recently met their twin flame, some of you joined after a long wait….nevertheless all is well… all is fine….

There is a high acceleration rate of unions overall which makes me so happy. The union of twinflames will effect everyone around and if you just havent met him/her dont forget that the happiness is at the corner.

Our new era is staring… the best thing to do is forget about the past and start a new. Have no fear and all will be well… you are guided and protected…



Have you ever considered that all creation is here to guide you in your life purpose? When one door closes another one opens to welcome you into a new beginning.

That is why l created the ROTA approach to the old-fashioned major arcana cards… to invite you to a New destination in life.

If you want to take the leap of faith and start a new life, or if you need a new route in your journey, these cards will help you to reach these goals.

l put all the knowledge l encountered for so many years of studying and teaching into these cards… a masterpiece of my soul star. The deep teaching of these cards will be your ROTA in your entire love and life journey.

Today is an eleven day and l am very proud of announcing you that 22 card Major Arcana deck is available for preorder September in our Giftshop Menu

Mira Rota

for more information please visit mirarota.com

Major Arcana Deck of 22 cards

Belief Systems

Everyone believes in something… we believe into god, religions, books, numbers, astrology and people. Believing into something is a need for humankind to reflect its innermost hopes and dreams. We believe in order to keep going, have a purpose and a stamina to life itself.

How about choosing to believe in something makes us vulnerable to other teachings and maybe even rejecting them on the other hand. Does this create duality or it’s necessary for personal development and evolution? I am not the one to judge however how do you feel within you when you strongly believe in something? Do you feel soft or edgy? Does this give you some kind of power? What are you seeking within?

These are the insightful questions that I can ask….

Questioning the things we believe, on an occasional basis is necessary for your evolution as you are an evolving being and your mind evolves rapidly…Your way of thinking changes compared to decades ago and even on an individual level to some years ago. So dwelling into things that do not change could be holding you back from achieving a greater goal for yourself and humanity at the same time.

If “what other people think or say” is so important to you, you should also check your motives about believing into those things at the first place. Was it convenient for you? Or your adaptation to this society took sometime? Whichever it is, you are not alone into believing into something, even not believing in anything… This is what makes us unique and human at the same time.



Facing Your inner Demons

Facing your inner Demons require an expertise on a high level of integrity and objectivity. This confrontation is not every hero’s conquest. It needs courage and self-motivation and the same a kind of over-lasting diligence.

Common traits of Inner Demons:

  • Makes you feel bad about yourself for no apparent reason
  • Drags you to a self-indulgent mood when its not the most appropriate time for it
  • You might think that everybody is bad but you are too good to be true
  • You are a victim
  • It makes you feel like you are the hero while you are doing something bad affecting others people’s life
  • You have a grandiose approach to yourself where others are the ones that are doing mistakes
  • Comparing yourself to other people of the same gender and sometimes people on top
  • Minimizing your acts and maximizing other peoples gestures
  • You legitimize the fact that you can make a person feel bad or being disrespectful to another
  • You have pre determined mindsets or opinions about other people

The list is long….

How do you deal with your inner demons regularly? Do they make you feel that you want to take a revenge of some sort… than this is quite dangerous and you need to get a professional help from a heath practitioner. If you have some one in your mind that you think of everyday and plan to take a revenge, you are at a serious point of going out of your mind.

Facing the inner Demons takes a courage but once you do that, they are not that ugly, they are just look that way under a high pressure of self suppression. Our demons likes to set free, like a dog kept in a cage for its entire lifetime. Set them free and let them go TODAY…

Awakening to Yourself

We usually see other people through our own curtain of projections. When you are aware of your own curtain then an awakening starts within… and when you can look into yourself and the other person objectively then we can say that you are awakened…meaning you see the reality through the illusions of this world.

However True awakening comes from deep down your soul… you are awakened to your core essence…your being and true self conciousness… that is rare…

When something is not in balance noticing this is also a form of awakening. Then you can rectify yourself or the situation. In the absence of mindfullness and goodness there is no awakening in that sense. The person continues to suffer in the most unmeaningfull way.

As a twinflame and a holy being l challenge you and invite you to be awaken to your own true reality and identity. Be real…be true…be at grace and be gentle to yourself. We are all unique in someway and the other way…who knows?

Holding a Space for your Twin Flame

Holding space for your twin flame is harder than holding space for anyone else in your life because there is no space between you too. Holding space for someone requires a principle of space also beholds for you. Without that space, it is hard to navigate in life…

Holding space for your twin flame involves the following concepts….

Although you are feeling the same thing as he/she feels you should not or will not give any reaction or action when you are exposed to that feeling by your twin flame….

Giving a piece of advice could deteriorate the situation altogether, so you should hold your thought, your experiences and try to reflect the best in him/her back to your twin flame…

If your loved one is in the grief of some sort, it is very hard, not to feel that as if it is your grief altogether and on the contrary you can reach out for comforting your twin flame by just being there for him/her.

Being mentally holding space I think is the hardest compared to physically, emotionally and soulfully holding a space for your twin flame. And if you manage to do so it’s a quite unique experience…

Being a twin flame comes down with many missions and responsibilities, we can all hold space for each other. Goodsoul, not just a soul.


Clearing Templates

Twinflame Healing

Twin Flames are here to clear certain templates that have created a polarity between the masculine and feminine energy all throughout history for decades.

Some of these templates may include cultural differences, races, and religions which has a great impact on the history of this planet. The reason for the wars and recurring non-peace on our planet are these patterns that people follow without questioning.

Another polarity may come from age differences and abilities between man and woman in general. Women are largely overlooked about their functional abilities and also the spiritual abilities are buried underground by men.

These are the general templates that we all know that twin flames are here to saturate however there are other templates unique to twin flames couples separately such as abuse, harassment, and violence.

So if you have an abuse in the past from your parents or sibling or any other biological family…

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We are the ONE

Twinflame Healing

Everybody on this earth are entitled to find the “one” even the ones that claim they are not looking for it at all.

On this journey of twin flames if you are refering to the other as “the one” , then you have a long way to go. You will stay as a catalyst for the rest of your life.

Interdependency is the key in twin flame relationships. Compared to dependant relations twin flame connection isnt the one you can depend on, is it?

Now wake up to your divinity now wake up to who you are before this earth plane now wake up.

So you can be paired.

And when that happens, dont forget to declare to this existance “We are the ONE”

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