Awakening to Yourself

We usually see other people through our own curtain of projections. When you are aware of your own curtain then an awakening starts within… and when you can look into yourself and the other person objectively then we can say that you are awakened…meaning you see the reality through the illusions of this world.

However True awakening comes from deep down your soul… you are awakened to your core essence…your being and true self conciousness… that is rare…

When something is not in balance noticing this is also a form of awakening. Then you can rectify yourself or the situation. In the absence of mindfullness and goodness there is no awakening in that sense. The person continues to suffer in the most unmeaningfull way.

As a twinflame and a holy being l challenge you and invite you to be awaken to your own true reality and identity. Be real…be true…be at grace and be gentle to yourself. We are all unique in someway and the other way…who knows?

Holding a Space for your Twin Flame

Holding a space for your twin flame is harder than holding a space for anyone else in your life, because there is no space between you too. Holding a space for someone requires a principle of space also behold for you. Without that space it is hard to navigate in life…

Holding a space for your twin flame involves the following concepts….

Although you are feeling the same thing as he/she feels you should not or will not give any reaction or action when you are exposed to that feeling by your twin flame….

Giving an advise could deteriorate the situation all together, so you should hold your thought, your experiences and try to reflect the best in him/her back to your twin flame…

If your loved one is in grief of some sort, it is very hard, not to feel that as if it is your grief all together and on the contrary you can reach out for comforting your twin flame by just being there for him/her.

Being mentally holding space I think is the hardest compared to physically, emotionally and soul fully hold a space for your twin flame. And if you manage to do so its a quite unique experience…

Being a twin flame comes down with many missions and responsibility, we can all hold space for each other. Goodsoul, not just a soul.

Clearing Templates

Twinflame Healing

Twin Flames are here to clear certain templates that have created a polarity between the masculine and feminine energy all throughout history for decades.

Some of these templates may include cultural differences, races, and religions which has a great impact on the history of this planet. The reason for the wars and recurring non-peace on our planet are these patterns that people follow without questioning.

Another polarity may come from age differences and abilities between man and woman in general. Women are largely overlooked about their functional abilities and also the spiritual abilities are buried underground by men.

These are the general templates that we all know that twin flames are here to saturate however there are other templates unique to twin flames couples separately such as abuse, harassment, and violence.

So if you have an abuse in the past from your parents or sibling or any other biological family…

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We are the ONE

Twinflame Healing

Everybody on this earth are entitled to find the “one” even the ones that claim they are not looking for it at all.

On this journey of twin flames if you are refering to the other as “the one” , then you have a long way to go. You will stay as a catalyst for the rest of your life.

Interdependency is the key in twin flame relationships. Compared to dependant relations twin flame connection isnt the one you can depend on, is it?

Now wake up to your divinity now wake up to who you are before this earth plane now wake up.

So you can be paired.

And when that happens, dont forget to declare to this existance “We are the ONE”

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Self-Governance in Twin Flame Journey

Twinflame Healing

A twin Flame journey is a one that you spent mostly by yourself other than your twin flame itself considering the huge separation period usually enforced by nature.

This being alone time is crucial to your progress, so it is not affected by outside influences. If you are forcing this period to end sooner than enough, you might face more resistance by nature and you might end up being alienated from society.

Not to overdose this type of feeling indifference you might join a twin flame community or you might be friends with other people. Nevertheless, this person cannot be someone other than an ally going through the same process of twin flame journey like you do. That is why we have this blog.

Peace will eventually come, grace will eventually arrive and forgiveness and compassion will show themselves to you. For all of this, you need to work on…

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Twinflame Healing

Finding the twin within requires a lot of time, work and dedication… So if you are on your twin flame journey for a reasonable amount of time, by working on yourself and your twin flame mirror, you might have come close to finding your twin within.

The true awakening of twin flame journey cannot happen without reaching your twin within. Your twin within will only be activated if you reach your core, your essence or your true self. This requires a lot of courage, getting rid of all the projections applied to you by your parents, community, social media and your self. This true awakening will happen at the deepest level of your soul, the part that is directly connected to the source or god… Only by then you can find your true twin flame because your twin flame will reflect that frequency of love back to you. We are…

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Being at service of yourself is as important as being at service to others. Twin flame journey is a long road, you have all the means to become one at the end. You are made for it, you are ready for it and you are it. So be confident to serve yourself first before you start to serve others.

To be able to love others completely and freely, you can start with “loving” yourself. Love is a very deep concept of your twin flame journey. Loving yourself is the key to give a start to this magnificent journey of becoming your true self. Only with love, we can ease the pain and suffering of humankind and only with love, we can reach the twin within.

Having your needs met is a very crucial point of serving yourself with confidence. Your own will should be aligned to serve you first before serving others. This applies also to your twin flame. You will nurture yourself with your own love so that your twin flame can do the same.

Connecting with yourself is another point in being at your service. By connecting to your self you will become the person you really are, you will be authentic and this authenticity serves everybody around you more then you think it can. Being authentic is the first step of twin flame journey usually the one that was overlooked.

Loving yourself first before loving others is the key to your happiness. With all the flaws and imperfections, without beating yourself up for the mistakes of the past, without any condition. Regardless of your performance in life, if you can love yourself, then you can love your twin flame too.

Focusing on your goals is very important in the process of runner twin dynamic. Start the mission, be the mission, move on with your aims in life. Then you will see that your twin flame will also join you and nothing can stop you after that.

Be the “love” you want to be loved with, be the “authentic” person everybody respects, be who you “truly” are then everything will come to you.

Every Door opens to the one that reaches true love.


The Divine Truth

Do you wanna know where your twin flame journey is headed. Are you ready to know your divine truth and your real soul journey. Book this reading to find out. This reading is excluded from any membership of goodsoul so you need to book it from here to reach it.


Being in love

When it comes to twin flame journey being in love has lots of other meanings that we have never thought of before. Being in love means living with your twin 7/24 although you are physically apart, being in love means clearing your shadow self, being in love means loving yourself no matter the course, being in love means knowing, trusting and believing that your union exists all the time all the way no matter what. Being in love means knowing that your twin is on the earth plane looking for you.

Being in love means I am here, I am you, I am one, I am and I love

If you are in a twin flame journey it’s hard to walk the way alone by yourself, we know it because we have been there, so let us walk together with you… No matter what the trial is. Do not ever forget that even if we are not in contact with you, we are here to support all the twin flames on the planet earth and proceed with them to their union.