Not showing love to ourselves can cause emotional dependency dynamics to occur. You may be ignorant of the symptoms that you have such a problem but instead project this problem to your partner or twin flame. This will put you into an endless push and pull and run and chase dynamic which will not even get satisfied or reach maturation even if you are with this person.

A lot of my clients are unaware that they lack self-love. The deeper dynamics of not loving yourself are in place while you think on the surface you dress well, do your routine healthy diet or sports, and have a decent feeling of connectedness to yourself. However, if you are a twin flame, loving yourself requires more than that. If you are on a twin flame journey for a long time and still feel not loved by others or even your family members, you have some work to do.

I will give you a few tips right down below however if you want to extend your work please contact me and ask for help.

  • Change your inner dialog: do not talk negatively in your head about anything and contemplate the situations at hand.
  • Spend time with yourself: apply a daily routine when you can be with yourself doing the things you love or nothing at all.
  • Only be with people who lift you up: cut cords with people that does not cherish your company and your being.
  • Extend your self-care list and make it a priority during the day: do your hair, look in the mirror with love, provide the things you need to yourself during the day, and do not forget to put yourself first.

By loving yourself do not forget that you love your twin flame too. The best way to show your twin flame that you love them is passing through self-love and self-care. Good luck with that 🙂



“UNITY” vs “CoDependency”

Unity consciousness is a crucial part of your twin flame journey as well as any other spiritual love path. We take this path of love because we choose this as the best way to learn our life lessons. When you are about the reach completion on your spiritual path, this kind of consciousness takes place of the duality. At the end of your twin flame journey, everybody is your twin flame and the love you feel for all creation will emerge. That you are not different than the other. These feelings of compassion could put you into a service or your life’s mission for the planet.

On the contrary, co-dependency looks like, we can not survive without the other, we can not exist and we totally depend on the other person for our choices in life. Where unity means choosing freely to do the same at the same time, codependency means choosing what the other part is choosing on fear of rejection or abandonment. So your choices are highly affected by the other person. You put your own self down in order to be “chosen” by the other person.

Reaching a state of union requires you to be “whole” and “complete”. If you are looking for another person to complete you, you could be a twin soul or a soul mate other than a twin flame yourself. Twin flames do not require to be with the other in order to feel complete. Twins are within each other all the time, even from the beginning of time itself. They do not need this concept to be approved by anything or anyone.

Keeping these in your mind, you can peacefully ascend in your spiritual journey to unity and oneness. The compass within you will show the way.

Take Control of your Chasing Dynamic

How many times did you find yourself chasing your proposed twin….and getting yourself hurt in the end?

The Chasing Dynamic and especially executed by the divine feminine has become a big part of the twin flame journey and here is why?

Because all the divine feminines are quite strong beings and they used this to pursue the desired outcome instead of ascending in their own spiritual path. However, they lack the knowledge that whatever they are looking for can not be obtained by capturing the other party. But nevertheless, they keep spending their energy on their DM, on the specific occasion called the union, in the hope of this will make everything right. However, this is not the case.

Before going into the reasons for this dynamic and certain types of behaviors that provoke this chain reaction, I want to let you know that all the people in the twin flame journey, including myself, understand you totally and completely. All of us have been there and we know exactly how it feels…but you can overcome this dynamic for the sake of a healthy union and a successful journey forward.

  • You want things to happen right now because you waited for so long for the sake of the union to come. You might have run out of patience…
  • You want to win over other 3D feminines so your efforts and your identity will be justified…
  • You think that only that person (your twin) can make you happy and give you your dreams for the future…
  • You think that you are into some kind of injustice that is cast upon you so you are the only one to make it right…
  • You have distorted yourself from reality and started to believe in your own illusions to be true and accurate…

Well, whatever the reason it may seem… the real reason behind the chasing dynamic is totally different. The reason is that you have not merged your opposite sites and become whole in the process. You have not lived the alchemical marriage, one of the crucial elements of this journey. Therefore since you are not whole within, you chase for the part (your twin’s soul) that you think will make you whole, no matter what… However, this is creating a vicious circle of damaging what you have built so far within yourself.

Instead of chasing your twin, stalking them on their Instagram, and sending curses to those they are in a relationship with you can try to understand the real reasons behind this reality… The reality is growing… this growth is coming separately or apart and this is the way how it should be… This is the ultimate truth of a spiritual journey. Try to find your twin within… That will suit your feelings, ease your emotions and put an end to this dynamic that kept twins apart for so many lifetimes and for many centuries.

Twin Ray Unions

Twin Rays were only commonly realized in dimensions higher than 5D up to 22D. Therefore the twin counterparts were unawakened on the earth plane up to winter solstice 2020. However, the pandemic hit us and it has its good and bad impacts on this connection. The telepathic connection between the twins should have risen however mission wise there may not be many resources available for them. I am writing this article in order to inform them that after the lion’s gate of 2022, they are most welcome the unite on planet earth.

Twin Ray connection is a “PURE” connection that could only be felt between the ascended masters. This “EGO-FREE” connection does not involve earthly concerns like doubts, jealousy, and hate. It also does not involve a purpose of marriage or a specific happy end to the relationship. The connection is eternal and beyond time. This is truly felt between couples when spending time together.

This also means you might have known your twin ray physically in 3D but realized the connection only recently. Between Rays, there are usually huge age gaps, if not age gaps then geographical gaps. This is the result of a division of the soul reaching the earth in different timelines or if the division of the soul drops at the same time and then pushes itself away from one another to different geographical centers of the earth plane.

Twin Ray’s mission is only energetical and it’s guided by higher realms. There is no need for texting between couples to meet or to communicate, the guides arrange everything in the early stages of this connection. This is not a relationship but rather a form of being one with the other person on an energetical plane.


An incredible journey is waiting for you to tap its core. If you are ready and up for it… Not everyone is ready to engage with their soul book in Akashic… However, it is a life-changing experience if you do so. I have been teaching people to reach the akashic library and contact their own soul book for over five years now. Actually, that is how it started… it was so amazing that I wanted everyone to experience this.

When I get this teaching it was the beginning of my twin flame journey back in 2011. I was practicing this myself and not engaging in any conversation about this with other people. It was like a piece of heaven to me where I can rest and reside. This engagement was not with a person though, but with the books of the Akashic Library. Especially my own soul book.

Since childhood, I am a person who wants to know everything and that’s why I read maybe hundreds of even a thousand books on different topics and interest areas. I usually like scientific books along with some historically based novels. I was also interested in anything regarding how our brain works and how our senses accommodate this learning and working process. I like simulations of all kinds.

That’s why I enjoy teaching people by going into the Akashic Library and retrieving their own books just out of curiosity. It also has the benefits of understanding yourself, your soul purpose, and anything you want to know about the journey your soul has taken on. It gives a good introspective look to yourself from a different angle; an Akashic One.

I started teaching this course online with one-to-one live sessions and some course materials that you would enjoy going through yourself. The course is in English and it takes several weeks up to 6 months to complete. Please follow the rules and guidelines that I provided for you while practicing it on other people and even yourself. If you are interested in enrolling, there is no specific timeline, you can even start today. Each session costs $50 and it takes 6 sessions to complete the course.

If you are up for it, please contact me at, and do not worry if you can do it or not. We will see on the trial and you will decide yourself.



What twin flame journey is NOT…

If you are born as a twin flame the most astonishing journey of your life would be this soul journey called the twin flame journey. Why this is called a journey is because it only involves you. It does not involve anyone else. The journey is solely about you and if you can understand this part, that means you are entitled to complete this journey successfully.

The twin flame journey is an internal journey than an external one. There may be times when you are in a relationship with someone however those times are only there to show you yourself. If you get this point right, then you are on the ascension journey and then you can find your true twin within first to reflect it outside of you. Meaning you vibrate at your core energy to attract the twin you desire. Otherwise, you know better than me what happens.

Twin flame journey shows the parts that are not you to you. That has been imposed on you throughout your life until you have awakened in 2011 with the new energies coming in and this is repeating itself every year. You have awakened to your journey meaning you started a soul journey in 5D, not online dating in 3D. That is what I think should be in general.

The twin flame journey is not about whether you are with your twin flame in 3D or not. You are with your twin flame in 5D and you are able to find this person in 3D is you resonate and vibrate with your 5D core energy. This is a de-ascension process from 5D to 3D. Not a visa versa. So if you “on your mind” determine someone as your twin flame and try to ascend him to 5D with you will result in failure.

When you meet your twin flame there is a heart chakra activation from both sides. “Not just one side” So your so-called twin flame is feeling the same way too. The runner and chaser dynamics come after this, not in the first meeting. If someone is not interested in you so stop stalking and chasing and respect other people’s boundaries.

You don’t have to create bad karma by chasing other people’s wives and husbands or simply someone who is not interested in you or has a girlfriend or boyfriend. The only way to reach your twin is “within” But when you are in a relationship with a twin or a pre-twin the aim is to look outside of yourself not inside of you. Make it a 2 people relationship, not just you! So you need to assure the other party is heard and their needs are met and their wishes are respected.

I trust in you with this journey to the fullest so you need to trust yourself….

We are expanding our mission

With my twin flame, we have decided to dedicate our energy to humanity and the world in general. We have reached a certain amount of fulfillment and success in our own journey and that is why we wanted to share these extraordinary new gifts with you.

Goodsoul is opening its doors… to the whole humanity and animal kingdom…

We welcome you with our family constellations and other works, please contact us at before booking…



Your Twin Flames Keep your Treasure

Every single one of you is here for a reason. This reason is a well-thought lesson to be learned. In this lesson, everyone is our teacher and the universe is our mentor. The most amazing lesson that you will ever get is about your self-worth. You are created in the image of God itself.

Along our spiritual journey, there may be one thing that we could not reconcile with or justify within ourselves. No matter how hard we try, we may not get to the point that we are hoping for. Realizing our dreams, however, are highly dependent on this factor and the lesson to be learned seems to stay there no matter what.

The good news is, our Twin Flame holds this key for us, the key to our own treasure that we were hoping to get sooner or later. This key will be given to you during your reunion with your twin flame and you will feel like no other. You will reach your treasure only to feel what you have been lacking for a very very long time, maybe since birth, maybe childhood. You will be amazed by this miracle of transcendent acknowledgment and the magical moment of realizing your self-worth.

Be Merry


3D Negative Effects on Twin Flame Relationships

Although every relationship is different, there are common practices we encounter among our clients all over the world. The Literature of Twin Flame journey also indicates possible close scenarios for twin flame relationships. When you are coming close to the union or reunion, negativity escalates.

One of the reasons for this has an esoteric point of view; things like… negativity does not want you to come together because most probably you will shed your light and escalate the vibration of this planet in terms of love and peace. Well, I am not sure about that but what I want you to do is, take into consideration the things you can control.

Take a deep dive into you:

And ask these questions to yourself and answer them honestly and delicately.

  • Do I have insecurities that I hold since childhood… how can I address the true nature of them…
  • Is my twin flame a good and nice person? Is he qualified with the aspects of the divine masculine?
  • Where am I standing on my spiritual journey to myself? Am I seeing everyone as my twin flame?
  • Are there habits and issues in my daily life that I swipe under the rug every day?
  • Do I have financial, emotional, or mental problems that I ignore?
  • Do I have commitment issues? Such as fear of commitment or staying committed to the relationship?

SO if you are saying yes to even some of these questions, you are not ready for the final union stage of the twin flame relationship. However, if you come this far, you put so much effort into this journey, and congrats on your accomplishments until today. Keep up the good work and you will reach the final reunion sooner than later.