An incredible journey is waiting for you to tap its core. If you are ready and up for it… Not everyone is ready to engage with their soul book in Akashic… However, it is a life-changing experience if you do so. I have been teaching people to reach the akashic library and contact their own soul book for over five years now. Actually, that is how it started… it was so amazing that I wanted everyone to experience this.

When I get this teaching it was the beginning of my twin flame journey back in 2011. I was practicing this myself and not engaging in any conversation about this with other people. It was like a piece of heaven to me where I can rest and reside. This engagement was not with a person though, but with the books of the Akashic Library. Especially my own soul book.

Since childhood, I am a person who wants to know everything and that’s why I read maybe hundreds of even a thousand books on different topics and interest areas. I usually like scientific books along with some historically based novels. I was also interested in anything regarding how our brain works and how our senses accommodate this learning and working process. I like simulations of all kinds.

That’s why I enjoy teaching people by going into the Akashic Library and retrieving their own books just out of curiosity. It also has the benefits of understanding yourself, your soul purpose, and anything you want to know about the journey your soul has taken on. It gives a good introspective look to yourself from a different angle; an Akashic One.

I started teaching this course online with one-to-one live sessions and some course materials that you would enjoy going through yourself. The course is in English and it takes several weeks up to 6 months to complete. Please follow the rules and guidelines that I provided for you while practicing it on other people and even yourself. If you are interested in enrolling, there is no specific timeline, you can even start today. Each session costs $50 and it takes 6 sessions to complete the course.

If you are up for it, please contact me at, and do not worry if you can do it or not. We will see on the trial and you will decide yourself.



What twin flame journey is NOT…

If you are born as a twin flame the most astonishing journey of your life would be this soul journey called the twin flame journey. Why this is called a journey is because it only involves you. It does not involve anyone else. The journey is solely about you and if you can understand this part, that means you are entitled to complete this journey successfully.

The twin flame journey is an internal journey than an external one. There may be times when you are in a relationship with someone however those times are only there to show you yourself. If you get this point right, then you are on the ascension journey and then you can find your true twin within first to reflect it outside of you. Meaning you vibrate at your core energy to attract the twin you desire. Otherwise, you know better than me what happens.

Twin flame journey shows the parts that are not you to you. That has been imposed on you throughout your life until you have awakened in 2011 with the new energies coming in and this is repeating itself every year. You have awakened to your journey meaning you started a soul journey in 5D, not online dating in 3D. That is what I think should be in general.

The twin flame journey is not about whether you are with your twin flame in 3D or not. You are with your twin flame in 5D and you are able to find this person in 3D is you resonate and vibrate with your 5D core energy. This is a de-ascension process from 5D to 3D. Not a visa versa. So if you “on your mind” determine someone as your twin flame and try to ascend him to 5D with you will result in failure.

When you meet your twin flame there is a heart chakra activation from both sides. “Not just one side” So your so-called twin flame is feeling the same way too. The runner and chaser dynamics come after this, not in the first meeting. If someone is not interested in you so stop stalking and chasing and respect other people’s boundaries.

You don’t have to create bad karma by chasing other people’s wives and husbands or simply someone who is not interested in you or has a girlfriend or boyfriend. The only way to reach your twin is “within” But when you are in a relationship with a twin or a pre-twin the aim is to look outside of yourself not inside of you. Make it a 2 people relationship, not just you! So you need to assure the other party is heard and their needs are met and their wishes are respected.

I trust in you with this journey to the fullest so you need to trust yourself….

We are expanding our mission

With my twin flame, we have decided to dedicate our energy to humanity and the world in general. We have reached a certain amount of fulfillment and success in our own journey and that is why we wanted to share these extraordinary new gifts with you.

Goodsoul is opening its doors… to the whole humanity and animal kingdom…

We welcome you with our family constellations and other works, please contact us at before booking…



Your Twin Flames Keep your Treasure

Every single one of you is here for a reason. This reason is a well-thought lesson to be learned. In this lesson, everyone is our teacher and the universe is our mentor. The most amazing lesson that you will ever get is about your self-worth. You are created in the image of God itself.

Along our spiritual journey, there may be one thing that we could not reconcile with or justify within ourselves. No matter how hard we try, we may not get to the point that we are hoping for. Realizing our dreams, however, are highly dependent on this factor and the lesson to be learned seems to stay there no matter what.

The good news is, our Twin Flame holds this key for us, the key to our own treasure that we were hoping to get sooner or later. This key will be given to you during your reunion with your twin flame and you will feel like no other. You will reach your treasure only to feel what you have been lacking for a very very long time, maybe since birth, maybe childhood. You will be amazed by this miracle of transcendent acknowledgment and the magical moment of realizing your self-worth.

Be Merry


3D Negative Effects on Twin Flame Relationships

Although every relationship is different, there are common practices we encounter among our clients all over the world. The Literature of Twin Flame journey also indicates possible close scenarios for twin flame relationships. When you are coming close to the union or reunion, negativity escalates.

One of the reasons for this has an esoteric point of view; things like… negativity does not want you to come together because most probably you will shed your light and escalate the vibration of this planet in terms of love and peace. Well, I am not sure about that but what I want you to do is, take into consideration the things you can control.

Take a deep dive into you:

And ask these questions to yourself and answer them honestly and delicately.

  • Do I have insecurities that I hold since childhood… how can I address the true nature of them…
  • Is my twin flame a good and nice person? Is he qualified with the aspects of the divine masculine?
  • Where am I standing on my spiritual journey to myself? Am I seeing everyone as my twin flame?
  • Are there habits and issues in my daily life that I swipe under the rug every day?
  • Do I have financial, emotional, or mental problems that I ignore?
  • Do I have commitment issues? Such as fear of commitment or staying committed to the relationship?

SO if you are saying yes to even some of these questions, you are not ready for the final union stage of the twin flame relationship. However, if you come this far, you put so much effort into this journey, and congrats on your accomplishments until today. Keep up the good work and you will reach the final reunion sooner than later.



Nowadays everyone wants to live a special soul bond with someone and people want to relate to each other in a deeper way than ever. However, this is not easy as it seems. If you have a BPD, then you might think that your new beloved is your soul mate or your perfect match until you found out the truth. Then you devalue the person who once was a queen or king to you… this is not a twin flame dynamic at all.

Twin flames have huge age gaps between one another, coming from different social backgrounds, different educational degrees, and different timelines. What you are seeking could be only found within before you reach out to the world around you, before you seek this union in another person. There is also a chance that you might be drowned in someone else’s twin flame connection, indicating that you are desperate about this connection and have a lot of inner work to do.

For the twin flames, who have worked on themselves, and for the ones who are already together, a full union is possible right now. Your soul bond could go deeper and deeper if you stay in this dynamic of awakening and enlightenment.

  • You may wake up at the exact same time, even if you are in different houses or timelines
  • You may walk in his/her shoes, knowing how to behave or showing a deep understanding
  • If you have push/pull dynamics this could turn into a fulfilling dance of couples
  • All the regrets related to your past will diminish, and you forgive yourself and others
  • Peace will come in a way that feels like paradise, both internally and externally
  • Higher energies will likely find you bringing in promotions, wealth, and engagement

If you are not at this stage in your UNION, do not panic or hesitate that you won’t ever be. Every soul plan has its own time. If you don’t interact with the wrong people you will most probably find the right one even before he/she finds you. Twin Flame Relationship is not a game and the union is highly protected by all the realms. Think before you try to disturb someone else’s union even with your thoughts and abrupt behaviors. If you are in a full union with your twin flame sit back and relax and ENJOY, because no one can interfere with this union and your ETERNAL LOVE for one another.

Check list For the Twin Flame JOURNEY

checklist for your twin flame journey

Before coming into union with your twin flame or during your encounters with them, you need to strongly address the issues on this list. Are you really aggressive towards life? Do you want to make your way at the expense of whatever it takes, or do you just go with the flow? Do you want to take whatever you want without considering what the other side thinks about it? Did you isolate yourself from the world because your “so-called” twin has put you down lately? Many things to check on this list as a way of self-learning from the experiences you encounter during this journey.


Many of my clients are claiming that they have done the inner work required to obtain a twin flame connection however, some things are unseen or missing in 3D. The reason for that is you may not be able to see the truth. The truth of who you are and where you come from.

Doing the inner work does not mean taking spiritual courses or attending the lessons in spirituality or working with artificial visualizations. On the contrary, it means taming your mind, getting rid of past traumas, and having a strong will of the divine consciousness.

Ascension means knowing yourself, inside and out. Determining your boundaries and your self-respect. Mindfulness about what love is and creating a sustainable relationship. It does not mean falling in love with someone who does not even know you or who is not in your life anymore. You have got what it takes not to do that anymore for the sake of divine twin flame love.

Healing the Feminine Energy Patterns requires a lot of patience and hard work. Working on yourself means clearing jealousy, hatred, manipulation, anger, and other negative patterns totally from your life. Not just in your romantic relationships or daily encounters.

It also requires understanding the twin flame relationship is not a fairy tale or a romantic movie material, it is the actualization of yourself on planet earth with someone else. It is becoming one with the universal consciousness clearing the 3D patterns dictated to humankind for so many years. It means freedom and salvation from EGO and Animal Self. It does not mean running after someone who does not care about you at all.

However, the journey requires all of these to happen because you need to evolve into a human being of self-love and respect who wants to share this new-self with someone who wants to do the same. Feminine energy you need to catch up with the divine masculines as you have been trapped in false twin relationships for some time now. It is a time to wake up from the illusion that is created by your mind.

You need to come to reality, the reality that 3D is an illusion and the truth always resides within the Divine, come into the realization that you may not exist tomorrow yet this planet will, and you may not be the one for this journey as you are unwilling to commit yourself to it.


Understanding of the Shadow Self

Shadow self is the part of your persona that remains unnoticed by your consciousness. This part of your persona may show itself when it comes across with your twin flame. And it may continue to expand this uprising into your daily dreams as a revealing point to your MONAD.

Shadow self is the part that has both negative and positive aspects. Although usually, this side of us is famous for negative aspects, it also contains a positive side of hidden talents and creativity. We may encounter mood swings from one side to the other, on the other hand, we may have mood swings from unconscious to conscious as well.

I have come across clients over one decade that has experienced this type of shadow exposure from mild to severe and one of the severe cases claimed that “another woman come inside of her”… which is not a pleasant one as you might have guessed already. So dealing with this shadow self is important for the safety and health of the relationship.

The shadow self has been repressed for so long that you may want to release this when you are alone or not interacting with your TF. Having said that, in the first stages of a union, you clear your shadow self and unite it with your persona which is called individualization. This should be done promptly before one of them becomes dominant over the other, so you should not end up with the lord and slave game.

So this assimilation and integration will be done by melting one side inside of the other and hopefully, the conscious positive mind wins. Another stage is when this kind of melting happens with your twin flame, as your twin’s negative side melts in your persona so this double merging also indicates that you are with your true twin flame.

After this union, there comes the union of higher aspects of yourself and the conscious mind… which will bring down heaven to earth and the union of multiple personas within your psyche. Here are some aspects that you are still on the shadow self process and a huge block on the way to your twin flame union;

  • If you think of your twin flame as a “bad person”
  • If you have sudden negative thoughts resulting as lashouts to your twin flame (external or internal)
  • If you place high expectations, then overreach to make them happen and usually resulting as crossing the boundaries of your TF
  • If you have tendencies of sabotaing your TF relationship going solely unnoticed by you.
  • If you recently had a schedule of bad dreams and seems like you dont know why.
  • If you believe that your tf is deceiving you or devaluing you and you do not deserve his/her time, affection, attension and good intensions.

Twin Flame Union is a stage in your life that which you only seize this opportunity once. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will last in victory if you are only “aware” of your shadow self.


What Happens After Union

We talk about the union stage to an extended point where we are eager to fail to say what happens after. Sorry guys I don’t have good news for you but the real deal starts right after. The real challenges will take you to your final union and the unconditional love you have been waiting for.

If you haven’t started a relationship with your twin already… I am hoping that you will this year as it’s a perfect year for unions indicated as 22. I am about to explain the stages in the union that some couples in the past went through in 5 years but now it should take less. Recently united couples could have a bumpy fast track of completion in months.

Coming together: This stage is when you recognize that you have a special connection and the person holding the divine masculine energy approaches you in order to start a relationship. Although the DM has not awakened to the connection yet, he holds the energy of the last stage as core energy within him. That energy drags you and pulls you towards the last stage of the union so it’s important that DM starts the relationship and if not it takes longer to pass through other stages.

Push/Pull dynamics: Push and Pull dynamics could overlap all stages except the unconditional love stage where both partners merge in the presence of the Divine. These dynamics are necessary to close the past relationships, heal the childhood traumas and karma if any. The shadow self is merged with the true self in the Psyche and then a merging starts between two parties as they become literally ONE. This is the past where we feel all kinds of negative emotions and pass through them without hurting one another. If the parties intentionally hurt each other that means you are in a karmic relationship other than a twin flame union.

No İllusions: This stage is where we let go of the 3D expectations of a twin flame soul bond relationship and stop trying to push the relationship into 3D forms of a union like marriage and family, engagement, partnership (if only mission exist and you have no romantic connection) You wake up to a fact that your twin flame is a human being and the connection in between you is the miracle itself. Love is the miracle itself. Any future expectations fade away. You realize and recognize what love truly is for you. You begin to understand the Divine Love in a very moderate way. You become your authentic self other than the self that is imposed on you by society.

The Final DECISION: You decide who your twin flame is and whom you want to take this journey of love with. The final decision stage sometimes comes with a rude awakening and sometimes with bliss. Where I feel like indicating that Goodsoul is non-denominational, this stage occurs within your own belief system and your own way of understanding the Divine, the Creator, and the Love itself. This is the most personal stage you can have and it is also private. Even not in between your twin flame and you but at its core, between you and your creator.

THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: This is the stage where we all want to reach more than an enlightenment stage in any religion so far. This is for me was like when I realize I am actually made of LOVE that I don^t need to look for it elsewhere. Like we have been forgotten who we are and we are a miracle itself, being a human being on earth is the most precious gift of all. My love, my twin flame is with me forever and yet we are here to experience the earth plane as a whole. Every day is a new day in Love. Every challenge is a wave in the vastness of the ocean that we will eventually overcome. We are safe, we are here, we are made of love, we are within love and we are in love truly.

Having a Ph.D. Degree in Psychology and being on a twin flame journey for more than 10 years, I am here to guide you spiritually through those stages. Peace will come to all of us, why not have it now. We serve all over the world except Turkey with our spiritual guidance sessions. There is a lot more to solve in this journey than you can imagine. Goodsoul is always with you.