Our business package involves “everything” to boost your business… From logo energy clearing to ex-partner clearing… ways of attracting new clients to your business… you name it, we will do it for you.

The package involves :

1-Logo clearing if necessary changing (colors, shapes etc)

2-Business Name clearing if necessary changing (numerology advanced name search)

3-Clearing the energy of your ex-partner from your energetic field and from your business. This is crucial for your boost. (cord cutting, enables union with other partners)

4-1 hour consulting on your business every week for a month. (Online)

5-SUM UP, we want you to feel settled and ready to start all over again, we are here to help. You name if anything else, we will make it real for you…

6-FREE web page integrated into our website (only if you are a twin flame)

This package is 1000 usd please refer to before booking.

We are very happy to assist you in your mission on this planet earth.

Mira and EL