We are here to navigate you through your twin flame journey and help you to become your true potential as an advanced soul. We know how hard it is to be twin flame and we know the points that you struggle. That is why our sessions are unique to twin flames and it takes about 60min each.

If you like to get our basic package with 4 sessions that would be enough for your quick transformation. If you would like to get our premium package instead, you do get an advantage in joining the community.

We never leave you alone and even if we can not answer all the e-mails, you can feel our presence next to you whenever you need us. This is another aspect of our 9D existence.

Client Testimonials

I crossed paths with Mira in the most synchronistic, beautiful way. The twin flame journey is a blessing, but there are definitely many emotional challenges along the way and all of us need guidance, reassurance, and healing in order to reach the union within. Working with Mira has accelerated my progress more than I was able to articulate! Listening to the audio conferences, the meditations and having private sessions with Mira and El has dramatically shifted my spiritual journey. The healing that takes place is profound. Mira’s knowledge and compassionate approach is a wonderful combination. I highly recommend her services to everyone who is on this path.