Energy Exchange Protocol

We are quite meticulous on the energy exchange rules when it comes to our interaction with you and other parties. We apply an energetic clearing on a daily basis and we highly recommend it to you, too. Please follow the link if you want to try our daily clearing before we start.

Daily Clearing

Here are some examples of how we protect our energy fields and you might want to try it as well. Sometimes it is just other people, not you.

1- We apply daily and constant clearing to our auratic field and to the place where we accommodate or work.

2- We do not receive e-mails from unknown sources or watch youtube videos from untrusted channels as we might get an implant from them.

3- If a channel is open to everyone without any protection we do not use that channel or social media.

4- We do not attend conferences if a lot of people are connected at the same time as you might get a psychic attack from the people who are listening to that with you.

5- We do not accept unknown guests, cleaning ladies and delivery man to our work area. It’s totally pure as our energy.

6- We do not accept people who are following a healer who does not apply these protocols while interacting with their clients. If you have attended a course where these protocols are not applied by the instructor to the members, let us know as well.

7- We do not use external beings in our healing sessions, we only use our embodied selves in different dimensions and we do not accept clients who have beings, implants and other energy exchange involvement with unknown sources. If you have healing beings living in your auratic field, let us know.

8- We do not accept clients who belong to the domains that are not pure and has a negative effect on humankind.

9- You get an automatic scan for the elements above before we start and please let us know if you have concerns about the clarity of your auratic field.