New Reading for Twin Flames in reunion

In case you are struggling to unite with your twin Flame even though you feel you are on the same page, here is a reading that might help you clear and heal any emotional or karmic baggage that you are unaware of.

You might be surprised at how this reading works and prepares you for your journey to union. Unfortunately this will not be an ideal option if you are separated and have not seen each other for a long time in the last years. 

In order to book this reading, please send me a brief story to about your twin flame journey and any areas of concern you have. The reading will not be limited to those topics you address, but will extend the context of your inner search. Do not forget to include your pics.

Twin Flame REUNION Reading

Seeing Karma as a Punishment

This subject has been on my mind since I woke up today, especially the questions I have been asked about it in my conferences. Thinking about disabled people is considered to be a product of bad karma which is not the case.

Being born with a disability or illness is not a punishment from a past life. By making a decision that all of us have the chance to make, we are reminded of the faithfulness those souls have to earth. Being a parent, sibling or offspring of that person is not a karmic indicator. Instead, it demonstrates how selfless they can be.

Karma is about what you do with what you have. How do you deal with your circumstances and your life? If you make decisions not in your favor that means you did not learn the karmic lesson yet. As the same if you make the right choices for yourself that means this karmic lesson is closed for you.

On your evolutionary journey, you are usually on the path to enlightenment, and positive karma is only what you can make of it. When you make the right choices, you either return to the same old karma or leave yourself out of it. You might believe at times that you have no other choice. That is exactly what karma is all about.

It is important for everyone to develop their own understanding of karmic lessons and use them to choose the better only for themselves and for humanity as a whole. Your experiences in this lifetime are related to previous ones. When the lesson is learned, karma is closed and you might not receive so many challenges in the future about that subject. Closing karma for many lifetimes is also possible in one life span.

The fact that you were born with a disability is not a punishment for your past acts, rather it demonstrates your evolution as a Soul and that you agree to come on this earth plane as you are. Having a disabled child is not a punishment from God, it is a blessing. Their place is already reserved in heaven. On the other hand, one never knows when they will get a disability in life. It could happen at anytime.

There is no separation between positive karma or a negative karma. They both teach you lessons to be learned and that is what life on this earth is all about. So enjoy the ride and remember to choose what is best for you and let go of the rest forever.

Prayer’s Value

Regardless of whether we believe in God or not, when we are in trouble, we tend to reach out to something above us for help. And it usually works. God, the universe and angels support us. All you have to do is ask.

The value of prayer plays a significant role in our daily lives. Even some of us bring this blessing into our lives, like praying before meal, or praying every night before going to bed. As far as I know, it is all good.

Prayer is magical and should not be overlooked. When we get sick, when we are running for success, or when we have doubts that something will happen to our loved ones. As a result, we dwell in the soft nature of our belief in God, which suits us immediately.

In these hard times, prayer could give us comfort and hope. Everything can be overcome with prayer. Pain and sorrowwill fade with time. Praying for someone else could be the most beautiful reflection of true love. Unconditional love is when one does it without expecting anything in return.

Asking for relief can also be accomplished by visiting sacred places or going to God’s house. The happiest thing about it is that we can pray whenever we want and however we want. Spirituality comes from staying in touch with God .

Dream State

Dreams can be the most amazing part of our daily lives. A world full of impossibilities and adventure. People who preferto spend more time at home dream that they are in a movie of drama and adventure. On the other hand people who are very active and come home to only sleep, see very calm places and holiday resorts in their dreams. Because dreams showus what we hold in our deep subconscious, it is very likely that it could also be the opposite of what we have in real life.

Rarely are our dreams about psychological attacks even if we see them as holograms or nightmares. Nighmares could also indicate an unsolved problem that you are avoiding or refusing to deal with in real life. So if you are sweeping your emotions under the carpet and telling everyone you are OK, you are most likely to see a lot of terrifying occasions in your sleep.

Dreaming is very helpful for your psychological well-being. They are a form of detoxification of your emotional body, which is necessary for mental health. If you are not seeing any dreams that could be a problem. Some people who are fully connected to their monad may not have any dreams however this is very rare. Another reason for not seeing dreams is that you do not remember seeing them.

Dreams are a way for the subconscious to communicate with us. Our subconscious could be deeper than we think it is. It is possible that we are not conscious of what will happen to us in the future, but the subconscious could be a good way to resolve such a problem. Dreams have a deeper meaning than they appear. And by interpreting your dreams you might know what is truly happening to you.

Sometimes dreams are used as a means of purging and clearing of the stuff that we may not have a chance to deal with in this lifetime. As a result, dreams play a very important role in our spiritual development.


Seeking support from divine resources is becoming increasingly popular these days. Due to the challenges of life and obstacles we are facing as a planet, we have a fundamental need for a higher level of support. We just want things to be a bit easier to manage as your patience dwindles down from time to time. There could be a call from the heavens for that, as above, so below.

Working with the angels of Kabbalah through God’s divine attributes can be a solution to your daily routine. The 72 angels of Kaballah have been working with me for about 3 years now, and I have come to the point where I would like to share this sacred knowledge with you. Especially if you are a twin flame looking for your partner, some of the divine names could create miracles.

Working with these angels requires total purity of intention. Meditation is sufficient for daily life, however exploring deeper and embodiment is also possible. Generally, I use the original name and pronunciation of these divine names as stated in Kaballah’s scripts. These are not words but codes that activate related energies already present within you as you are part of divine consciousness.

Using this angel card that I created for you today, you can demonstrate this session by yourself that could help you on your twin flame journey. There you go….

Welcome 2023

All twin Flame unions, both on the divine feminine and masculine sides, are going to reach their peak in this year. So get prepared for your final destination.

Pending issues will be resolved in your favor and you will be able to see your way clearly.

Twin Flame energies will be on earth for another 11 years so make the most of it.

Seizing the opportunities presented to you is the key here. Try to grasp everything that comes your way both spiritually and mentally.

Unawakened twins will also benefit from the union of the DM energies within them. As the masculine energy reaches its climax, the divine side effects of the 3D masculine energy will diminish, giving way to a calm and peaceful period.

Despite the challenges, many will overcome them easily this time around. Get ready for the best year for Twinflames in general and make the most of it.

Stars are the Clock of the universe

At the moment of your birth, the stars aligned in a specific pattern. According to astrology, this pattern and alignment is called the birth chart or natal chart, but it has a deeper significance. The alignment indicates a specific time on the plane of the universe that influences you greatly. Your future is not determined by planetary energies, but by the “universal time” that it reveals. 

Though you have a time of birth on the earth plane, you might have a different time frame based on universal timing that does not follow the continuous cycle. That’s why everyone is unique. Otherwise, people born at the same time will have the same characteristics and live the same lives. However we all know that this is not true.

In contrast, the Moon is the closest planet to earth and affects many of the planet’s waters and the waters within us. Therefore the moon’s cycle at the time of your birth will have an influence on you at the time of your birth. Taking all these factors into account, your natal chart will not show every aspect of your life and personality.

Astrologically speaking, the current alignment of the stars has a lot to do with the universal time that has passed between your birth and what time it is today. Despite this, it is nearly impossible to give a gasp to this time since it cannot be determined by a 24-hour clock. However by looking at the cycles of the stars on the day you were born, we can tell where you are standing. We can also determine where you might be in the future. Like the cycle of the moon does, every star will have a different effect on you. 

It is clear that the universe is like a big clock, with each star, planet, moon, and galaxy having its own orbit that they follow as they travel throughout the universe. Where are you standing at this clock? What was significant about your birth on the earthplane? Did your birth have any impact on this universal clock? How about today?


We are all part of the same Family

The only way to come to this earth plane is through a family. You are born into one of them. I personally disagree with the practice of selecting your own family before birth, even though it is a spiritually accepted phenomenon. We don’t choose our families but they choose us. But we have been given families to go with our life mission or the only way to survive becomes a life mission for all of us.

While your biological family will point out your core issues to you, the country that you were born into will give you the details and a reason to be here. Listening to all of these clues will lead you to your authentic life and a proper way of living. In this way we can be a part of our own family, and at service to our community. 

What we do not usually see or understand is that we are all part of the same family. We are all one soul living on the same land. We haven’t been able to figure this out yet because of the small families we were born into and our biological lineage. Despite our differences, if you travel the world and meet different people you’ll realize that we are similar in some ways. We all feel the same emotions, we all cry and we all laugh the same way.

No matter what the world throws at us, deep down inside we know we are the same.

The feeling of connectedness will make you less desperate in times of hardship. Imagine someone on the other side of the world feeling exactly how you do right now, despite whatever difficulties you are experiencing now. That should give us hope and the power to continue. If we make wise choices in life, fate is not filled with unfortunate events.


Twin SOUL vs Twin FLAME

Those who are less familiar with this phenomenal concept often confuse Twin Soul with Twin Flame in order to satisfy some kind of need that has been exposed to them in 3D. They are used as replacements for one another. However, they are not totally wrong; the only part that is alike between these souls is the way they are formed. “By division from one soul”

Although they are both formed by ONE soul divided into TWO, (which for a 3D person makes them the same) their journey is completely different. Twin Flames are 144.000 original souls that come to the earth plane to “raise its frequency”, help other people to evolve into their “divine self”, deal with collective karma, help the animal kingdom and protect the planet. They don’t have karma with one another.

On the other hand, the only reason that twin souls are here is KARMA CLEARING, that is the reason they are in a karmic process. That is also the reason why they are divided into two. To clear the karma easily by working on it as two separately instead of one. So it is teamwork. However, they need to understand to work as a team, which they usually lack, and create even more karma. So this brilliant idea of clearing the karma as 2 seems like not working on this earth plane.

Twin souls travel separately until they come together in their last life on planet earth in order to ascend together. There are lifetimes that they interact with one another to learn certain lessons but never end up in the union. They are united on their last ascension to the other realm. There are many movies with the same concept. Those souls are highly mistaken for twin flames but the main difference you can gasp easily is that they are not on some kind of mission, they are just two lovers, who after going through a lot, get united with one another.

However, on the twin flame aspect, one soul usually resides in the higher realm while the other is on the earth plane. Those two rarely have the need to travel together because they are together. They do not have the longing that twin souls have for one another. Because the mission of the twin soul is to get united with one another, however, the mission of the twin flames is to make other people unite with their creator.

Twin flames come as a two if there are catastrophic events shaking the earth plane, and maybe because of the earth’s karma and collective karma, they need to go through some processes to adapt. But these are not karma-clearing processes of the soul. However, to be on the earth plane, you need to be born in a thing called a family so that is enough to get all the karma you need for your life span. Twin flames are not here to learn from family but to teach them. They are usually born as a child of dysfunctional families. This is the reason why. They are here to make people complete their karma faster and easier not vice versa as twin souls.

When you replace these two terms, you create confusion in the spiritual dialect because you are affecting the twin souls’ journey and making them less active or capable of what they can do, or making them come in between what they need to do in order to unite as their soul journey approaches its end. Meaning they are becoming aged and ready to transcend into the other realm as one soul. So cutting the twin soul journey and pasting it to the twin flame journey or doing visa versa will not work for this humanity.

Everyone should be aware of their journey themselves. They have the responsibility of who they are and why they are here. Even if they don’t know, they should not stigmatize themselves with some concepts that are thrown tot he internet by some people to create even more confusion or reflect their own confused minds to the whole society. Do not fall victim to these things. Believe in yourself and trust in your soul’s journey.

Twin Flames are quite rare and they come to earth plane together even rarer. Because these are advanced souls, coming from higher monads, they came to earth to help the civilization of humanity along with an evolution of the souls on this earth plane. They come once in a thousand to five thousand years. They are not lovers chasing each other one lifetime after another…They are here for a reason that affects all humanity, not just them.

There are souls that usually travel together, they work on their karmic journey together, and those are what we call soul mates. If you have a soul mate most probably a twin soul will not be given to you. Now they say that everyone has a twin flame, which I don’t mind as well…

You can replace the twin soul concept with twin flames, even call soul mates twin flames, and you can do visa versa in all combinations; well I don’t mind really. Everyone is ONE at some point…


Finding the twin within requires a lot of time, work, and dedication… So if you are on your twin flame journey for a reasonable amount of time, by working on yourself and your twin flame mirror, you might have come close to finding your twin within.

The true awakening of the twin flame journey can not happen without reaching your twin within. Your twin within will only be activated if you reach your core, your essence, or your true self. This requires a lot of courage, getting rid of all the projections applied to you by your parents, community, social media, and yourself. This true awakening will happen at the deepest level of your soul, the part that is directly connected to the source or god… Only by then, you can find your true twin flame because your twin flame will reflect that frequency of love back to you. We are all made of love… there is not any soul that stayed out of this.

When you meet the true twin that lived within you for so long… it will reveal the truth to you. The truth of who you are and what a twin flame is. Be open to any form of love during this process. Instead of speculating wait for god to show you…. to show true love to you and then you will know what love is.

Chasing after someone who is not interested in you or rejecting someone whom you have chased for a long time is not a form of love. This is truly the dark side of love that we have been told is true because we have kept away from this actual true love itself. So finding the love within will deepen your relationship with yourself and your twin flame.

When you are full of love… if you can see that…you will not be leaking anymore.