Being at service of yourself is as important as being at service to others. Twin flame journey is a long road, you have all the means to become one at the end. You are made for it, you are ready for it and you are it. So be confident to serve yourself first before you start to serve others.

To be able to love others completely and freely, you can start with “loving” yourself. Love is a very deep concept of your twin flame journey. Loving yourself is the key to give a start to this magnificent journey of becoming your true self. Only with love, we can ease the pain and suffering of humankind and only with love, we can reach the twin within.

Having your needs met is a very crucial point of serving yourself with confidence. Your own will should be aligned to serve you first before serving others. This applies also to your twin flame. You will nurture yourself with your own love so that your twin flame can do the same.

Connecting with yourself is another point in being at your service. By connecting to your self you will become the person you really are, you will be authentic and this authenticity serves everybody around you more then you think it can. Being authentic is the first step of twin flame journey usually the one that was overlooked.

Loving yourself first before loving others is the key to your happiness. With all the flaws and imperfections, without beating yourself up for the mistakes of the past, without any condition. Regardless of your performance in life, if you can love yourself, then you can love your twin flame too.

Focusing on your goals is very important in the process of runner twin dynamic. Start the mission, be the mission, move on with your aims in life. Then you will see that your twin flame will also join you and nothing can stop you after that.

Be the “love” you want to be loved with, be the “authentic” person everybody respects, be who you “truly” are then everything will come to you.

Every Door opens to the one that reaches true love.


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Clear your Monad

If you are a twin flame, you are responsible for clearing all your descended soul family. Until then you can not be in union with yourself. Clearing all your fears, negative thoughts, and darkness is your number one awareness.

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The Magical Touch Reading for Twin Flames

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The Magical Touch Reading for Twin Flames

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