Not showing love to ourselves can cause emotional dependency dynamics to occur. You may be ignorant of the symptoms that you have such a problem but instead project this problem to your partner or twin flame. This will put you into an endless push and pull and run and chase dynamic which will not even get satisfied or reach maturation even if you are with this person.

A lot of my clients are unaware that they lack self-love. The deeper dynamics of not loving yourself are in place while you think on the surface you dress well, do your routine healthy diet or sports, and have a decent feeling of connectedness to yourself. However, if you are a twin flame, loving yourself requires more than that. If you are on a twin flame journey for a long time and still feel not loved by others or even your family members, you have some work to do.

I will give you a few tips right down below however if you want to extend your work please contact me and ask for help.

  • Change your inner dialog: do not talk negatively in your head about anything and contemplate the situations at hand.
  • Spend time with yourself: apply a daily routine when you can be with yourself doing the things you love or nothing at all.
  • Only be with people who lift you up: cut cords with people that does not cherish your company and your being.
  • Extend your self-care list and make it a priority during the day: do your hair, look in the mirror with love, provide the things you need to yourself during the day, and do not forget to put yourself first.

By loving yourself do not forget that you love your twin flame too. The best way to show your twin flame that you love them is passing through self-love and self-care. Good luck with that 🙂



One thought on “SELF LOVE

  1. Thank you Mira, 💕 if I don’t do these things I don’t enjoy life either I feel like my days are wasted


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