Your Twin Flame is no longer in your center

One of the most compelling topics about twin flame journey is being who you are when you are with your twin flame. This requires extreme awareness, exquisite understanding of self and at last, staying at your center. Another challenge could be converting a dependent energy into an interdependent one to be able to do all of those things.

Nowadays twin flames are in a stage that they will distingısh between the self and the other meaning between the twin flame counterparts. As easy to say hard to do this stage could take around 4 months to 8 months to complete. During this necessary stage, you might be encountering the followings…

1- Feeling disconnected from your twin flame or if you have not met your twin flame yet, from your twin flame journey.

2-You might be facing the reality that has always been there under the fake mask of illusions.

3-You might be facing the truth of who you are as a soul on this planet.

4-Other energies may not cling to you for a long time or lose their effect on you instantly. This is an indication of the formation of the new “real self” as the core within reveals itself to you and to the whole world.

5-You might feel that you are really grounding this time and the purification process has been completed or rectified.

6-You might feel the peace and joy coming from your being, not given or needed from anyone else or anything other than yourself can provide you with

7-You might turn your focus to yourself and to your life, your wants, and needs, your forgotten dreams and projects as an indication of this stage because you put yourself at your center.

8-You no longer take decisions depending on someone else’s needs but yours only and you do not do things holding the hope that your twin flame will enjoy or like it. For the ones who are in separation, holding the hope that our twin flame will return back to you.

No matter what the situation is right now, just keep going… eventually you will arrive at your destination but do not forget to adjust “a route” to yourself otherwise you might get lost.

Good luck with your twin flame journey.


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