What is a twin flame connection?


Twin flame connection is a soul bond that consists of one feminine and one masculine energy. The embodiment of these energies is usually manifesting itself into two different individuals but not always both of them are on the physical plane; one individual may exist on the physical plane where the other does not. This type of embodiment does not diminish the effect or impair the service of this connection. But if you have your twin flame physically exists with you at the same lifespan and place, then you are quite lucky.

Twin flames are usually from higher consciousness levels and have come to earth for helping the ascension and serving a higher purpose or specific mission. The Root Dimension of the Twin Flames is on the 5th dimension or higher and on their ascension path they can even reach higher dimensions than their root dimension. Our root dimension was 9D and we are serving you with the knowledge and information that is unique to this dimension and us. Please note that twin flames that are from 12D and higher dimensions do not have a physical form on this earth plane.

If you have met with your twin flame in this life, then you are literally a home for each other. But do not forget that you are here to bring the home to earth, not to go home after your incarnation. Reaching the end of the journey and going home is inevitable for all twin flames. But the actual point of incarnation at this time and place is to ground the twin flame energies on a physical plane and for this time to planet earth. The whole purpose of this journey is not to go to heaven with your twin flame but to bring the heaven down to earth together. So that’s why some people call this connection a heaven on earth, which is true.

For us, to be able to bring home to earth, along with our higher consciousness levels, we need to go through a clearing process. This is the reason why twin flame journey is a bit tough because it’s different than any other soul journey. This purging and clearing process starts when we meet our twin flame or other significant soul connection which prepares us for our twin flame connection.

This energy has started in at the end of 2011 and 2012 when a lot of twin flames declared their first encounter, meeting or the first union. The reason some call it reunion was that these two souls were one soul before the time. So they get reunited again and merged forming a strong connection and bond or we can say merged into being one again in 3D.

They call twin flames as twins and identical meaning for twin souls, however, this is not true. Twin flames and twin souls are not equal on the higher consciousness level. Twin flames come from a higher dimension and descending by dividing itself into fem/masc energies however twin souls are ascending beings dividing itself into two souls to complete the reincarnation journey faster than its usual phase. You can have many twin souls reflecting your twin flame but you have only one twin flame and the possibility to meet him/her is quite rare.

Twin flames are connected to each other by unconditional love, and the true explanation is not the word connection but they embody the seed of unconditional love within their soul and the initial purpose is to reach that seed within. This embodiment of one soul is not a romantic relationship, however, a state of a body, mind, and soul together at the same frequency resonating love and peace. That is why people would notice when the twin flames are together because the love and energy between them are remarkable and can be felt by many external energies.

This same frequency came from the same blueprint and that is how twins recognize each other. Some twins reflect a similar character where others do the opposite. Whichever serves for them and their life purpose in this lifespan is the best for this exquisite couple.

Twin flames that are on earth, might have twin rays that they are connected to on an oversoul level. Some twin flames are galactic whereas others are more earthly. Each twin flame journey is different and has a special aspect to it, as all human beings are unique. I and my twin flame are here to serve you on your ascension path and we feel lucky that now planet earth has become a suitable place to hold the energies of 9D.


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