Being in love

When it comes to twin flame journey being in love has lots of other meanings that we have never thought of before. Being in love means living with your twin 7/24 although you are physically apart, being in love means clearing your shadow self, being in love means loving yourself no matter the course, being in love means knowing, trusting and believing that your union exists all the time all the way no matter what. Being in love means knowing that your twin is on the earth plane looking for you.

Being in love means I am here, I am you, I am one, I am and I love

If you are in a twin flame journey it’s hard to walk the way alone by yourself, we know it because we have been there, so let us walk together with you… No matter what the trial is. Do not ever forget that even if we are not in contact with you, we are here to support all the twin flames on the planet earth and proceed with them to their union.




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