The importance of Self-Governance

A twin Flame journey is a one that you spent mostly by yourself other than your twin flame itself considering the huge separation period usually enforced by nature.

This being alone time is crucial, so your progress and pushing upward is not affected by outside influences. If you are forcing this period to end sooner than enough, you might face more resistance by nature and you might end up being alienated from society.

Not to overdose this type of feeling indifference you might join a twin flame community or you might be friends with other people. Nevertheless, this person cannot be someone other than an ally going through the same process of twin flame journey like you do. That is why we are serving you with my partner.

Peace will eventually come, grace will eventually arrive and forgiveness and compassion will show themselves to you. For all of this, you need to work on your self-governance skills and take this advice pretty much serious.

For improved self-governance skills, you need awareness and self-acknowledgment. You have to know how to control your impulses, emotions, and actions. This is the part that we see almost all of our clients having troubles with when they first come to us. This is where we all usually get lost and find ourselves in between the shades of light.


Thank you

Mira and El


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