Self Appreciation

Many of us believe that the appreciation has to come from another person or entity, for us to feel fulfilled. However this is not the case…

We have learned from our childhood that we need to work in order to be appreciated by our parents and teachers. For this reason this is something that is carved within. We need to have a tendency to be perfect to get the appreciation we think we deserve.

Coming to the adulthood we ask for appreciation from our spouse at home and from our boss at work. However l believe appreciation is not something to get from outside of you but on the contrary it is something that comes from a point where you gained a proper self achowledgement and self respect for yourself no matter what other people think…about you.

Today l encourage you to look behind and think of all the good things you did so far and have an applause to that. You do not need an approval from another person to do that. The intention you put out to the world as an individual and the integrity pronounced accordingly is enough for this.

Unconditionally loving yourself and self appreciation brings your twin flame one step closer to you and you also do not need to explain yourself to anyone about this. You are not here to be appreciated but to be the best version of yourself just for you.

3 thoughts on “Self Appreciation

  1. Dear Sweet Mira Thank you for your beautiful healing voice. Thank you for your pure heart and soul. Thank you for your concern and wisdom. Thank you for being there for me.

    I am broken and healing. Learning, reeling. It all started when you and I met in 2019 over me asking questions about Twins. Since then, my exposure has extended to family and the demons that came with them. Thank you for the clearings, they go perfectly with my prayers and meditations.

    I have learned to love myself first and to listen to my own voice rather than my family or friends. They have no idea, really, of the depth of my heart. I still hope for one who does. Thank you again sweet Mira


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