The Deepest Frequency of our SOUL

As you may all know or experienced by now, your twin flame resonates with your exact core frequency. The deepest of our soul, the max of our mind, and the most beloved of our soul. This deep connection resides subtly within our soul until the day it activates upon meeting your true twin.
From then on, nothing will be the same nor you will remember your ego-built past interactions with the world around you, because from then on you will be living in 5d instead of 3d…
Twin flame connection lasts beyond 3d aspects of life, it is eternal as your soul. Your twin flame recognizes this connection from all the times once there was a thing called ‘time’. After that there will be no time, bouncing and scratching and looping and all over the place. Years may seem like minutes and minutes may seem like years… catching up with your breath when you can…wondering what happened just right now…
Your twin flame will align his frequency with you…either pulling you down or pushing you up…resonations at the core energy, together and forever.
Easier than said… this might take from a few months to ten years, you might have had hard times guessing what happened in the past to evolve you into his kind of relationship or a way of being…. 99 percent matches are few and 100 matches are extremely rare… even slight changes in the atmosphere affects your relationship…now and then … you are together in 3D for once and for all.
The mission you have together will be a way to live your life and your lifestyle may change accordingly. What a great adventure…
The deepest frequency of my soul, my core energy is connected to my twin… feeling the same things the same way..never ever separated with 0 polarities to one another.
On the way, I know you will meet many. Many that prepare you for your true twin flame and when he comes… oh GOD you know… you’re the same… even touching each other feels like touching yourself in heaven. God blessed us with such a gift that…we should consider what can we give in return. How can we serve this society? Just being ONE is enough? Maybe yes maybe no however working on the shadow aspect of the relationship is a must.
Goodsoul provides clear guidance on your journey. Oh yes, you will unite if you are a true twin flame, of course, fake ones will eliminate themselves. That is the natural evolution of this journey, it is your birthright. You can go and get it by being authentic. Resonating at your core energy without any worry or fear. We are always with you…
God Bless you

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