Many of my clients are claiming that they have done the inner work required to obtain a twin flame connection however, some things are unseen or missing in 3D. The reason for that is you may not be able to see the truth. The truth of who you are and where you come from.

Doing the inner work does not mean taking spiritual courses or attending the lessons in spirituality or working with artificial visualizations. On the contrary, it means taming your mind, getting rid of past traumas, and having a strong will of the divine consciousness.

Ascension means knowing yourself, inside and out. Determining your boundaries and your self-respect. Mindfulness about what love is and creating a sustainable relationship. It does not mean falling in love with someone who does not even know you or who is not in your life anymore. You have got what it takes not to do that anymore for the sake of divine twin flame love.

Healing the Feminine Energy Patterns requires a lot of patience and hard work. Working on yourself means clearing jealousy, hatred, manipulation, anger, and other negative patterns totally from your life. Not just in your romantic relationships or daily encounters.

It also requires understanding the twin flame relationship is not a fairy tale or a romantic movie material, it is the actualization of yourself on planet earth with someone else. It is becoming one with the universal consciousness clearing the 3D patterns dictated to humankind for so many years. It means freedom and salvation from EGO and Animal Self. It does not mean running after someone who does not care about you at all.

However, the journey requires all of these to happen because you need to evolve into a human being of self-love and respect who wants to share this new-self with someone who wants to do the same. Feminine energy you need to catch up with the divine masculines as you have been trapped in false twin relationships for some time now. It is a time to wake up from the illusion that is created by your mind.

You need to come to reality, the reality that 3D is an illusion and the truth always resides within the Divine, come into the realization that you may not exist tomorrow yet this planet will, and you may not be the one for this journey as you are unwilling to commit yourself to it.


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