Understanding of the Shadow Self

Shadow self is the part of your persona that remains unnoticed by your consciousness. This part of your persona may show itself when it comes across with your twin flame. And it may continue to expand this uprising into your daily dreams as a revealing point to your MONAD.

Shadow self is the part that has both negative and positive aspects. Although usually, this side of us is famous for negative aspects, it also contains a positive side of hidden talents and creativity. We may encounter mood swings from one side to the other, on the other hand, we may have mood swings from unconscious to conscious as well.

I have come across clients over one decade that has experienced this type of shadow exposure from mild to severe and one of the severe cases claimed that “another woman come inside of her”… which is not a pleasant one as you might have guessed already. So dealing with this shadow self is important for the safety and health of the relationship.

The shadow self has been repressed for so long that you may want to release this when you are alone or not interacting with your TF. Having said that, in the first stages of a union, you clear your shadow self and unite it with your persona which is called individualization. This should be done promptly before one of them becomes dominant over the other, so you should not end up with the lord and slave game.

So this assimilation and integration will be done by melting one side inside of the other and hopefully, the conscious positive mind wins. Another stage is when this kind of melting happens with your twin flame, as your twin’s negative side melts in your persona so this double merging also indicates that you are with your true twin flame.

After this union, there comes the union of higher aspects of yourself and the conscious mind… which will bring down heaven to earth and the union of multiple personas within your psyche. Here are some aspects that you are still on the shadow self process and a huge block on the way to your twin flame union;

  • If you think of your twin flame as a “bad person”
  • If you have sudden negative thoughts resulting as lashouts to your twin flame (external or internal)
  • If you place high expectations, then overreach to make them happen and usually resulting as crossing the boundaries of your TF
  • If you have tendencies of sabotaing your TF relationship going solely unnoticed by you.
  • If you recently had a schedule of bad dreams and seems like you dont know why.
  • If you believe that your tf is deceiving you or devaluing you and you do not deserve his/her time, affection, attension and good intensions.

Twin Flame Union is a stage in your life that which you only seize this opportunity once. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will last in victory if you are only “aware” of your shadow self.


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