Nowadays everyone wants to live a special soul bond with someone and people want to relate to each other in a deeper way than ever. However, this is not easy as it seems. If you have a BPD, then you might think that your new beloved is your soul mate or your perfect match until you found out the truth. Then you devalue the person who once was a queen or king to you… this is not a twin flame dynamic at all.

Twin flames have huge age gaps between one another, coming from different social backgrounds, different educational degrees, and different timelines. What you are seeking could be only found within before you reach out to the world around you, before you seek this union in another person. There is also a chance that you might be drowned in someone else’s twin flame connection, indicating that you are desperate about this connection and have a lot of inner work to do.

For the twin flames, who have worked on themselves, and for the ones who are already together, a full union is possible right now. Your soul bond could go deeper and deeper if you stay in this dynamic of awakening and enlightenment.

  • You may wake up at the exact same time, even if you are in different houses or timelines
  • You may walk in his/her shoes, knowing how to behave or showing a deep understanding
  • If you have push/pull dynamics this could turn into a fulfilling dance of couples
  • All the regrets related to your past will diminish, and you forgive yourself and others
  • Peace will come in a way that feels like paradise, both internally and externally
  • Higher energies will likely find you bringing in promotions, wealth, and engagement

If you are not at this stage in your UNION, do not panic or hesitate that you won’t ever be. Every soul plan has its own time. If you don’t interact with the wrong people you will most probably find the right one even before he/she finds you. Twin Flame Relationship is not a game and the union is highly protected by all the realms. Think before you try to disturb someone else’s union even with your thoughts and abrupt behaviors. If you are in a full union with your twin flame sit back and relax and ENJOY, because no one can interfere with this union and your ETERNAL LOVE for one another.

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