3D Negative Effects on Twin Flame Relationships

Although every relationship is different, there are common practices we encounter among our clients all over the world. The Literature of Twin Flame journey also indicates possible close scenarios for twin flame relationships. When you are coming close to the union or reunion, negativity escalates.

One of the reasons for this has an esoteric point of view; things like… negativity does not want you to come together because most probably you will shed your light and escalate the vibration of this planet in terms of love and peace. Well, I am not sure about that but what I want you to do is, take into consideration the things you can control.

Take a deep dive into you:

And ask these questions to yourself and answer them honestly and delicately.

  • Do I have insecurities that I hold since childhood… how can I address the true nature of them…
  • Is my twin flame a good and nice person? Is he qualified with the aspects of the divine masculine?
  • Where am I standing on my spiritual journey to myself? Am I seeing everyone as my twin flame?
  • Are there habits and issues in my daily life that I swipe under the rug every day?
  • Do I have financial, emotional, or mental problems that I ignore?
  • Do I have commitment issues? Such as fear of commitment or staying committed to the relationship?

SO if you are saying yes to even some of these questions, you are not ready for the final union stage of the twin flame relationship. However, if you come this far, you put so much effort into this journey, and congrats on your accomplishments until today. Keep up the good work and you will reach the final reunion sooner than later.


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