What twin flame journey is NOT…

If you are born as a twin flame the most astonishing journey of your life would be this soul journey called the twin flame journey. Why this is called a journey is because it only involves you. It does not involve anyone else. The journey is solely about you and if you can understand this part, that means you are entitled to complete this journey successfully.

The twin flame journey is an internal journey than an external one. There may be times when you are in a relationship with someone however those times are only there to show you yourself. If you get this point right, then you are on the ascension journey and then you can find your true twin within first to reflect it outside of you. Meaning you vibrate at your core energy to attract the twin you desire. Otherwise, you know better than me what happens.

Twin flame journey shows the parts that are not you to you. That has been imposed on you throughout your life until you have awakened in 2011 with the new energies coming in and this is repeating itself every year. You have awakened to your journey meaning you started a soul journey in 5D, not online dating in 3D. That is what I think should be in general.

The twin flame journey is not about whether you are with your twin flame in 3D or not. You are with your twin flame in 5D and you are able to find this person in 3D is you resonate and vibrate with your 5D core energy. This is a de-ascension process from 5D to 3D. Not a visa versa. So if you “on your mind” determine someone as your twin flame and try to ascend him to 5D with you will result in failure.

When you meet your twin flame there is a heart chakra activation from both sides. “Not just one side” So your so-called twin flame is feeling the same way too. The runner and chaser dynamics come after this, not in the first meeting. If someone is not interested in you so stop stalking and chasing and respect other people’s boundaries.

You don’t have to create bad karma by chasing other people’s wives and husbands or simply someone who is not interested in you or has a girlfriend or boyfriend. The only way to reach your twin is “within” But when you are in a relationship with a twin or a pre-twin the aim is to look outside of yourself not inside of you. Make it a 2 people relationship, not just you! So you need to assure the other party is heard and their needs are met and their wishes are respected.

I trust in you with this journey to the fullest so you need to trust yourself….

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