An incredible journey is waiting for you to tap its core. If you are ready and up for it… Not everyone is ready to engage with their soul book in Akashic… However, it is a life-changing experience if you do so. I have been teaching people to reach the akashic library and contact their own soul book for over five years now. Actually, that is how it started… it was so amazing that I wanted everyone to experience this.

When I get this teaching it was the beginning of my twin flame journey back in 2011. I was practicing this myself and not engaging in any conversation about this with other people. It was like a piece of heaven to me where I can rest and reside. This engagement was not with a person though, but with the books of the Akashic Library. Especially my own soul book.

Since childhood, I am a person who wants to know everything and that’s why I read maybe hundreds of even a thousand books on different topics and interest areas. I usually like scientific books along with some historically based novels. I was also interested in anything regarding how our brain works and how our senses accommodate this learning and working process. I like simulations of all kinds.

That’s why I enjoy teaching people by going into the Akashic Library and retrieving their own books just out of curiosity. It also has the benefits of understanding yourself, your soul purpose, and anything you want to know about the journey your soul has taken on. It gives a good introspective look to yourself from a different angle; an Akashic One.

I started teaching this course online with one-to-one live sessions and some course materials that you would enjoy going through yourself. The course is in English and it takes several weeks up to 6 months to complete. Please follow the rules and guidelines that I provided for you while practicing it on other people and even yourself. If you are interested in enrolling, there is no specific timeline, you can even start today. Each session costs $50 and it takes 6 sessions to complete the course.

If you are up for it, please contact me at, and do not worry if you can do it or not. We will see on the trial and you will decide yourself.



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