“UNITY” vs “CoDependency”

Unity consciousness is a crucial part of your twin flame journey as well as any other spiritual love path. We take this path of love because we choose this as the best way to learn our life lessons. When you are about the reach completion on your spiritual path, this kind of consciousness takes place of the duality. At the end of your twin flame journey, everybody is your twin flame and the love you feel for all creation will emerge. That you are not different than the other. These feelings of compassion could put you into a service or your life’s mission for the planet.

On the contrary, co-dependency looks like, we can not survive without the other, we can not exist and we totally depend on the other person for our choices in life. Where unity means choosing freely to do the same at the same time, codependency means choosing what the other part is choosing on fear of rejection or abandonment. So your choices are highly affected by the other person. You put your own self down in order to be “chosen” by the other person.

Reaching a state of union requires you to be “whole” and “complete”. If you are looking for another person to complete you, you could be a twin soul or a soul mate other than a twin flame yourself. Twin flames do not require to be with the other in order to feel complete. Twins are within each other all the time, even from the beginning of time itself. They do not need this concept to be approved by anything or anyone.

Keeping these in your mind, you can peacefully ascend in your spiritual journey to unity and oneness. The compass within you will show the way.

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