Take Control of your Chasing Dynamic

How many times did you find yourself chasing your proposed twin….and getting yourself hurt in the end?

The Chasing Dynamic and especially executed by the divine feminine has become a big part of the twin flame journey and here is why?

Because all the divine feminines are quite strong beings and they used this to pursue the desired outcome instead of ascending in their own spiritual path. However, they lack the knowledge that whatever they are looking for can not be obtained by capturing the other party. But nevertheless, they keep spending their energy on their DM, on the specific occasion called the union, in the hope of this will make everything right. However, this is not the case.

Before going into the reasons for this dynamic and certain types of behaviors that provoke this chain reaction, I want to let you know that all the people in the twin flame journey, including myself, understand you totally and completely. All of us have been there and we know exactly how it feels…but you can overcome this dynamic for the sake of a healthy union and a successful journey forward.

  • You want things to happen right now because you waited for so long for the sake of the union to come. You might have run out of patience…
  • You want to win over other 3D feminines so your efforts and your identity will be justified…
  • You think that only that person (your twin) can make you happy and give you your dreams for the future…
  • You think that you are into some kind of injustice that is cast upon you so you are the only one to make it right…
  • You have distorted yourself from reality and started to believe in your own illusions to be true and accurate…

Well, whatever the reason it may seem… the real reason behind the chasing dynamic is totally different. The reason is that you have not merged your opposite sites and become whole in the process. You have not lived the alchemical marriage, one of the crucial elements of this journey. Therefore since you are not whole within, you chase for the part (your twin’s soul) that you think will make you whole, no matter what… However, this is creating a vicious circle of damaging what you have built so far within yourself.

Instead of chasing your twin, stalking them on their Instagram, and sending curses to those they are in a relationship with you can try to understand the real reasons behind this reality… The reality is growing… this growth is coming separately or apart and this is the way how it should be… This is the ultimate truth of a spiritual journey. Try to find your twin within… That will suit your feelings, ease your emotions and put an end to this dynamic that kept twins apart for so many lifetimes and for many centuries.

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