Twin SOUL vs Twin FLAME

Those who are less familiar with this phenomenal concept often confuse Twin Soul with Twin Flame in order to satisfy some kind of need that has been exposed to them in 3D. They are used as replacements for one another. However, they are not totally wrong; the only part that is alike between these souls is the way they are formed. “By division from one soul”

Although they are both formed by ONE soul divided into TWO, (which for a 3D person makes them the same) their journey is completely different. Twin Flames are 144.000 original souls that come to the earth plane to “raise its frequency”, help other people to evolve into their “divine self”, deal with collective karma, help the animal kingdom and protect the planet. They don’t have karma with one another.

On the other hand, the only reason that twin souls are here is KARMA CLEARING, that is the reason they are in a karmic process. That is also the reason why they are divided into two. To clear the karma easily by working on it as two separately instead of one. So it is teamwork. However, they need to understand to work as a team, which they usually lack, and create even more karma. So this brilliant idea of clearing the karma as 2 seems like not working on this earth plane.

Twin souls travel separately until they come together in their last life on planet earth in order to ascend together. There are lifetimes that they interact with one another to learn certain lessons but never end up in the union. They are united on their last ascension to the other realm. There are many movies with the same concept. Those souls are highly mistaken for twin flames but the main difference you can gasp easily is that they are not on some kind of mission, they are just two lovers, who after going through a lot, get united with one another.

However, on the twin flame aspect, one soul usually resides in the higher realm while the other is on the earth plane. Those two rarely have the need to travel together because they are together. They do not have the longing that twin souls have for one another. Because the mission of the twin soul is to get united with one another, however, the mission of the twin flames is to make other people unite with their creator.

Twin flames come as a two if there are catastrophic events shaking the earth plane, and maybe because of the earth’s karma and collective karma, they need to go through some processes to adapt. But these are not karma-clearing processes of the soul. However, to be on the earth plane, you need to be born in a thing called a family so that is enough to get all the karma you need for your life span. Twin flames are not here to learn from family but to teach them. They are usually born as a child of dysfunctional families. This is the reason why. They are here to make people complete their karma faster and easier not vice versa as twin souls.

When you replace these two terms, you create confusion in the spiritual dialect because you are affecting the twin souls’ journey and making them less active or capable of what they can do, or making them come in between what they need to do in order to unite as their soul journey approaches its end. Meaning they are becoming aged and ready to transcend into the other realm as one soul. So cutting the twin soul journey and pasting it to the twin flame journey or doing visa versa will not work for this humanity.

Everyone should be aware of their journey themselves. They have the responsibility of who they are and why they are here. Even if they don’t know, they should not stigmatize themselves with some concepts that are thrown tot he internet by some people to create even more confusion or reflect their own confused minds to the whole society. Do not fall victim to these things. Believe in yourself and trust in your soul’s journey.

Twin Flames are quite rare and they come to earth plane together even rarer. Because these are advanced souls, coming from higher monads, they came to earth to help the civilization of humanity along with an evolution of the souls on this earth plane. They come once in a thousand to five thousand years. They are not lovers chasing each other one lifetime after another…They are here for a reason that affects all humanity, not just them.

There are souls that usually travel together, they work on their karmic journey together, and those are what we call soul mates. If you have a soul mate most probably a twin soul will not be given to you. Now they say that everyone has a twin flame, which I don’t mind as well…

You can replace the twin soul concept with twin flames, even call soul mates twin flames, and you can do visa versa in all combinations; well I don’t mind really. Everyone is ONE at some point…

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