We are all part of the same Family

The only way to come to this earth plane is through a family. You are born into one of them. I personally disagree with the practice of selecting your own family before birth, even though it is a spiritually accepted phenomenon. We don’t choose our families but they choose us. But we have been given families to go with our life mission or the only way to survive becomes a life mission for all of us.

While your biological family will point out your core issues to you, the country that you were born into will give you the details and a reason to be here. Listening to all of these clues will lead you to your authentic life and a proper way of living. In this way we can be a part of our own family, and at service to our community. 

What we do not usually see or understand is that we are all part of the same family. We are all one soul living on the same land. We haven’t been able to figure this out yet because of the small families we were born into and our biological lineage. Despite our differences, if you travel the world and meet different people you’ll realize that we are similar in some ways. We all feel the same emotions, we all cry and we all laugh the same way.

No matter what the world throws at us, deep down inside we know we are the same.

The feeling of connectedness will make you less desperate in times of hardship. Imagine someone on the other side of the world feeling exactly how you do right now, despite whatever difficulties you are experiencing now. That should give us hope and the power to continue. If we make wise choices in life, fate is not filled with unfortunate events.


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