Dream State

Dreams can be the most amazing part of our daily lives. A world full of impossibilities and adventure. People who preferto spend more time at home dream that they are in a movie of drama and adventure. On the other hand people who are very active and come home to only sleep, see very calm places and holiday resorts in their dreams. Because dreams showus what we hold in our deep subconscious, it is very likely that it could also be the opposite of what we have in real life.

Rarely are our dreams about psychological attacks even if we see them as holograms or nightmares. Nighmares could also indicate an unsolved problem that you are avoiding or refusing to deal with in real life. So if you are sweeping your emotions under the carpet and telling everyone you are OK, you are most likely to see a lot of terrifying occasions in your sleep.

Dreaming is very helpful for your psychological well-being. They are a form of detoxification of your emotional body, which is necessary for mental health. If you are not seeing any dreams that could be a problem. Some people who are fully connected to their monad may not have any dreams however this is very rare. Another reason for not seeing dreams is that you do not remember seeing them.

Dreams are a way for the subconscious to communicate with us. Our subconscious could be deeper than we think it is. It is possible that we are not conscious of what will happen to us in the future, but the subconscious could be a good way to resolve such a problem. Dreams have a deeper meaning than they appear. And by interpreting your dreams you might know what is truly happening to you.

Sometimes dreams are used as a means of purging and clearing of the stuff that we may not have a chance to deal with in this lifetime. As a result, dreams play a very important role in our spiritual development.

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