Seeking support from divine resources is becoming increasingly popular these days. Due to the challenges of life and obstacles we are facing as a planet, we have a fundamental need for a higher level of support. We just want things to be a bit easier to manage as your patience dwindles down from time to time. There could be a call from the heavens for that, as above, so below.

Working with the angels of Kabbalah through God’s divine attributes can be a solution to your daily routine. The 72 angels of Kaballah have been working with me for about 3 years now, and I have come to the point where I would like to share this sacred knowledge with you. Especially if you are a twin flame looking for your partner, some of the divine names could create miracles.

Working with these angels requires total purity of intention. Meditation is sufficient for daily life, however exploring deeper and embodiment is also possible. Generally, I use the original name and pronunciation of these divine names as stated in Kaballah’s scripts. These are not words but codes that activate related energies already present within you as you are part of divine consciousness.

Using this angel card that I created for you today, you can demonstrate this session by yourself that could help you on your twin flame journey. There you go….


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