Awakening to Yourself

We usually see other people through our own curtain of projections. When you are aware of your own curtain then an awakening starts within… and when you can look into yourself and the other person objectively then we can say that you are awakened…meaning you see the reality through the illusions of this world.

However True awakening comes from deep down your soul… you are awakened to your core essence…your being and true self conciousness… that is rare…

When something is not in balance noticing this is also a form of awakening. Then you can rectify yourself or the situation. In the absence of mindfullness and goodness there is no awakening in that sense. The person continues to suffer in the most unmeaningfull way.

As a twinflame and a holy being l challenge you and invite you to be awaken to your own true reality and identity. Be real…be true…be at grace and be gentle to yourself. We are all unique in someway and the other way…who knows?

One thought on “Awakening to Yourself

  1. I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the attention and help I received from you. I do appreciate and recognize that your help has been very important to my journey. I’ve learned a lot and my life has improved significantly, and I feel it’s only fair to mention that it has a lot to do with your support. You are really good souls 🙂

    From our beloved client


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