Holding a Space for your Twin Flame

Holding a space for your twin flame is harder than holding a space for anyone else in your life, because there is no space between you too. Holding a space for someone requires a principle of space also behold for you. Without that space it is hard to navigate in life…

Holding a space for your twin flame involves the following concepts….

Although you are feeling the same thing as he/she feels you should not or will not give any reaction or action when you are exposed to that feeling by your twin flame….

Giving an advise could deteriorate the situation all together, so you should hold your thought, your experiences and try to reflect the best in him/her back to your twin flame…

If your loved one is in grief of some sort, it is very hard, not to feel that as if it is your grief all together and on the contrary you can reach out for comforting your twin flame by just being there for him/her.

Being mentally holding space I think is the hardest compared to physically, emotionally and soul fully hold a space for your twin flame. And if you manage to do so its a quite unique experience…

Being a twin flame comes down with many missions and responsibility, we can all hold space for each other. Goodsoul, not just a soul.

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