Facing Your inner Demons

Facing your inner Demons require an expertise on a high level of integrity and objectivity. This confrontation is not every hero’s conquest. It needs courage and self-motivation and the same a kind of over-lasting diligence.

Common traits of Inner Demons:

  • Makes you feel bad about yourself for no apparent reason
  • Drags you to a self-indulgent mood when its not the most appropriate time for it
  • You might think that everybody is bad but you are too good to be true
  • You are a victim
  • It makes you feel like you are the hero while you are doing something bad affecting others people’s life
  • You have a grandiose approach to yourself where others are the ones that are doing mistakes
  • Comparing yourself to other people of the same gender and sometimes people on top
  • Minimizing your acts and maximizing other peoples gestures
  • You legitimize the fact that you can make a person feel bad or being disrespectful to another
  • You have pre determined mindsets or opinions about other people

The list is long….

How do you deal with your inner demons regularly? Do they make you feel that you want to take a revenge of some sort… than this is quite dangerous and you need to get a professional help from a heath practitioner. If you have some one in your mind that you think of everyday and plan to take a revenge, you are at a serious point of going out of your mind.

Facing the inner Demons takes a courage but once you do that, they are not that ugly, they are just look that way under a high pressure of self suppression. Our demons likes to set free, like a dog kept in a cage for its entire lifetime. Set them free and let them go TODAY…

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