Belief Systems

Everyone believes in something… we believe into god, religions, books, numbers, astrology and people. Believing into something is a need for humankind to reflect its innermost hopes and dreams. We believe in order to keep going, have a purpose and a stamina to life itself.

How about choosing to believe in something makes us vulnerable to other teachings and maybe even rejecting them on the other hand. Does this create duality or it’s necessary for personal development and evolution? I am not the one to judge however how do you feel within you when you strongly believe in something? Do you feel soft or edgy? Does this give you some kind of power? What are you seeking within?

These are the insightful questions that I can ask….

Questioning the things we believe, on an occasional basis is necessary for your evolution as you are an evolving being and your mind evolves rapidly…Your way of thinking changes compared to decades ago and even on an individual level to some years ago. So dwelling into things that do not change could be holding you back from achieving a greater goal for yourself and humanity at the same time.

If “what other people think or say” is so important to you, you should also check your motives about believing into those things at the first place. Was it convenient for you? Or your adaptation to this society took sometime? Whichever it is, you are not alone into believing into something, even not believing in anything… This is what makes us unique and human at the same time.



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