Have you ever considered that all creation is here to guide you in your life purpose? When one door closes another one opens to welcome you into a new beginning.

That is why l created the ROTA approach to the old-fashioned major arcana cards… to invite you to a New destination in life.

If you want to take the leap of faith and start a new life, or if you need a new route in your journey, these cards will help you to reach these goals.

l put all the knowledge l encountered for so many years of studying and teaching into these cards… a masterpiece of my soul star. The deep teaching of these cards will be your ROTA in your entire love and life journey.

Today is an eleven day and l am very proud of announcing you that 22 card Major Arcana deck is available for preorder September in our Giftshop Menu

Mira Rota

for more information please visit

Major Arcana Deck of 22 cards

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