What Happens After Union

We talk about the union stage to an extended point where we are eager to fail to say what happens after. Sorry guys I don’t have good news for you but the real deal starts right after. The real challenges will take you to your final union and the unconditional love you have been waiting for.

If you haven’t started a relationship with your twin already… I am hoping that you will this year as it’s a perfect year for unions indicated as 22. I am about to explain the stages in the union that some couples in the past went through in 5 years but now it should take less. Recently united couples could have a bumpy fast track of completion in months.

Coming together: This stage is when you recognize that you have a special connection and the person holding the divine masculine energy approaches you in order to start a relationship. Although the DM has not awakened to the connection yet, he holds the energy of the last stage as core energy within him. That energy drags you and pulls you towards the last stage of the union so it’s important that DM starts the relationship and if not it takes longer to pass through other stages.

Push/Pull dynamics: Push and Pull dynamics could overlap all stages except the unconditional love stage where both partners merge in the presence of the Divine. These dynamics are necessary to close the past relationships, heal the childhood traumas and karma if any. The shadow self is merged with the true self in the Psyche and then a merging starts between two parties as they become literally ONE. This is the past where we feel all kinds of negative emotions and pass through them without hurting one another. If the parties intentionally hurt each other that means you are in a karmic relationship other than a twin flame union.

No İllusions: This stage is where we let go of the 3D expectations of a twin flame soul bond relationship and stop trying to push the relationship into 3D forms of a union like marriage and family, engagement, partnership (if only mission exist and you have no romantic connection) You wake up to a fact that your twin flame is a human being and the connection in between you is the miracle itself. Love is the miracle itself. Any future expectations fade away. You realize and recognize what love truly is for you. You begin to understand the Divine Love in a very moderate way. You become your authentic self other than the self that is imposed on you by society.

The Final DECISION: You decide who your twin flame is and whom you want to take this journey of love with. The final decision stage sometimes comes with a rude awakening and sometimes with bliss. Where I feel like indicating that Goodsoul is non-denominational, this stage occurs within your own belief system and your own way of understanding the Divine, the Creator, and the Love itself. This is the most personal stage you can have and it is also private. Even not in between your twin flame and you but at its core, between you and your creator.

THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE: This is the stage where we all want to reach more than an enlightenment stage in any religion so far. This is for me was like when I realize I am actually made of LOVE that I don^t need to look for it elsewhere. Like we have been forgotten who we are and we are a miracle itself, being a human being on earth is the most precious gift of all. My love, my twin flame is with me forever and yet we are here to experience the earth plane as a whole. Every day is a new day in Love. Every challenge is a wave in the vastness of the ocean that we will eventually overcome. We are safe, we are here, we are made of love, we are within love and we are in love truly.

Having a Ph.D. Degree in Psychology and being on a twin flame journey for more than 10 years, I am here to guide you spiritually through those stages. Peace will come to all of us, why not have it now. We serve all over the world except Turkey with our spiritual guidance sessions. There is a lot more to solve in this journey than you can imagine. Goodsoul is always with you.


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