Twin Ray Unions

Twin Rays were only commonly realized in dimensions higher than 5D up to 22D. Therefore the twin counterparts were unawakened on the earth plane up to winter solstice 2020. However, the pandemic hit us and it has its good and bad impacts on this connection. The telepathic connection between the twins should have risen however mission wise there may not be many resources available for them. I am writing this article in order to inform them that after the lion’s gate of 2022, they are most welcome the unite on planet earth.

Twin Ray connection is a “PURE” connection that could only be felt between the ascended masters. This “EGO-FREE” connection does not involve earthly concerns like doubts, jealousy, and hate. It also does not involve a purpose of marriage or a specific happy end to the relationship. The connection is eternal and beyond time. This is truly felt between couples when spending time together.

This also means you might have known your twin ray physically in 3D but realized the connection only recently. Between Rays, there are usually huge age gaps, if not age gaps then geographical gaps. This is the result of a division of the soul reaching the earth in different timelines or if the division of the soul drops at the same time and then pushes itself away from one another to different geographical centers of the earth plane.

Twin Ray’s mission is only energetical and it’s guided by higher realms. There is no need for texting between couples to meet or to communicate, the guides arrange everything in the early stages of this connection. This is not a relationship but rather a form of being one with the other person on an energetical plane.

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