Seeing Karma as a Punishment

This subject has been on my mind since I woke up today, especially the questions I have been asked about it in my conferences. Thinking about disabled people is considered to be a product of bad karma which is not the case.

Being born with a disability or illness is not a punishment from a past life. By making a decision that all of us have the chance to make, we are reminded of the faithfulness those souls have to earth. Being a parent, sibling or offspring of that person is not a karmic indicator. Instead, it demonstrates how selfless they can be.

Karma is about what you do with what you have. How do you deal with your circumstances and your life? If you make decisions not in your favor that means you did not learn the karmic lesson yet. As the same if you make the right choices for yourself that means this karmic lesson is closed for you.

On your evolutionary journey, you are usually on the path to enlightenment, and positive karma is only what you can make of it. When you make the right choices, you either return to the same old karma or leave yourself out of it. You might believe at times that you have no other choice. That is exactly what karma is all about.

It is important for everyone to develop their own understanding of karmic lessons and use them to choose the better only for themselves and for humanity as a whole. Your experiences in this lifetime are related to previous ones. When the lesson is learned, karma is closed and you might not receive so many challenges in the future about that subject. Closing karma for many lifetimes is also possible in one life span.

The fact that you were born with a disability is not a punishment for your past acts, rather it demonstrates your evolution as a Soul and that you agree to come on this earth plane as you are. Having a disabled child is not a punishment from God, it is a blessing. Their place is already reserved in heaven. On the other hand, one never knows when they will get a disability in life. It could happen at anytime.

There is no separation between positive karma or a negative karma. They both teach you lessons to be learned and that is what life on this earth is all about. So enjoy the ride and remember to choose what is best for you and let go of the rest forever.

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